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Benefits Of Mastering The Art Of Qi Gong

The age-old techniques of qigong, phonetically pronounced as “chee goong”, is a healing art that strengthens and increases the flow of vital energy or chi and cleanses the body through the use of gentle movement, meditation, and proper breathing techniques. Used for a long time in China, written texts date the use of this healing […]
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Bringing Balance And Harmony In Your Mind And Body With Tai Chi And Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are just two of the solutions to physical harmony and self trust. Anyone can you can succeed with a lot of accomplishments through the use of these techniques minus the need to put oneself through aggression, violent conflicts, and great physical or psychological efforts. Trust that you can govern the […]
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Qi Gong Gives You The Means To Attain Happiness, Life Success, And Health.

The centuries-old practices of qigong, phonetically pronounced as chee goong, is designed to cleanse the body, and strengthen and increase the flow of life force known as chi through gentle movement, meditation and the use of breathing techniques. Used in China for thousands of years, qi qong was recorded to have been first used as […]
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The Various Health Benefits Of Qi Gong

Probably one of the most misunderstood of all New Age practices is Qi Gong. For one thing, not many people know how to pronounce its name appropriately (it’s Chee Kung). Another thing is that many think it is just a relaxation technique; it actually can be used both as a relaxation and martial art technique. […]
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