Qi Gong Gives You The Means To Attain Happiness, Life Success, And Health.

The centuries-old practices of qigong, phonetically pronounced as chee goong, is designed to cleanse the body, and strengthen and increase the flow of life force known as chi through gentle movement, meditation and the use of breathing techniques. Used in China for thousands of years, qi qong was recorded to have been first used as far back as 6th century B.C. Its incredibly effective set of exercises has a wide variety of applications which many are for health while the others have a more profound purpose. Qi gong is a way to control the life force or Chi of your body.

Through qi gong’s miraculous power, the practitioner who’s in control of his Chi can discharge an electrical force to his patients. These master practitioners have certainly arrived at that control via a set of meditative exercises. While some of these exercises may be as quick as a five minute set, some are hard to remember and quite lengthy. Fortunately, the most used exercises are simple and repetitious to perform.

Qi gong is a self-sustaining art. It develops and instructs both the practitioner’s will power and concentration. The use of yi, combining concentration, focused intent, and visualization, enables the body to circulate the force of chi. This allows the practitioner the ability to increase his will power and focus more intently even more. Qi gong is an art that each time, builds the mind and body to higher levels. The learned skills increase these same skills even when one does not practice qigong.

There are several skills that qi gong encompasses once it is mastered. Some masters avail of their own chi energy power to administer healing to their patients either in person or at a distance. Others use qi gong for out of body experiences, telekinesis, and clairvoyance.

For a master of qigong, it is not uncommon to move objects with his chi, start fires, or possess the ability to heal others. Its mastery and practice also increases the intelligence of the practitioner as revealed in a number of studies. Qi gong enhances the neural channels found between the brain’s sides allowing the practitioner to use the whole function of his brain. It combines the logical with the creative and creates new patterns of problem solving and thinking. Clinical studies have revealed that meditation alters the wave patterns of the brain until the only thing that exists is the alpha wave. This state of mind is the optimal way to perform and learn a number of PSI abilities.

According to research, the rise in psychic ability in children is much quicker than in adults. Perhaps, the reason for this is that children have not yet learned to disbelieve and can still do stomach breathing, which is one of the fundamental aspects of qigong. One test of this involved a Chinese letter written on a piece of paper then later wadded in a ball to hide its content. The researchers gave the ball of paper to a child and the child get instructions on how to read the letter using only their mind without needing to unfold the ball to reveal the letter’s content. More than 62 percent of the children could perform this feat with uncanny accuracy.

You not only can relax when you learn the basic techniques of qigong, you also can widen the abilities of your mind. These include the means to happiness, goal attainment, business success, and health.

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