Qi Gong Can Cure Cancer

A few years ago, a wedding was held in Century Park in Shanghai, China. Both the bride and bridegroom were cancer survivors who have endured severely debilitating symptoms but had made a stunning recovery with the help pf Qi Gong (Chi Kung), a traditional Chinese healing art that is mostly based on breathing techniques. Qi Gong is also the reason this young couple met and fell in love.

In September 1981, ping-pong player, Guo Chengpei was participating in an international table tennis tournament in North Korea. During the tournament, he began to feel tired easily and his health weakened to a point that he could barely walk and talk. After some tests, he was diagnosed with lung cancer, which almost meant certain death to the sufferer. So, he had to quit the tournament, stop playing altogether, and undergo treatment.

The cancer cells in Guo’s body already spread to his lymph nodes, making his condition inoperable. He gained very little from radiation therapy. The prognosis, looked grim, the doctors only gave the 28-year-old table tennis player three months to live.

For almost half his life, the young Guo had been trained as a table tennis player. His training helped him develop a positive and never-say-die attitude. Most important of all, he did not lose hope. To find solutions to his cancer, he went to the Internet and stumbled upon a website called kungfucancer.com. He read about certain exercises and breathing techniques that could help clear his mind and relax.

A friend also advised him to take up Qi Gong, which is very similar to kung fu. He found that Qi Gong was responsible for extending the lives of many cancer patients. This gave him more strengthen to overcome the disease.

He heeded the advice of friend and began practicing Guo Lin Qi Gong every day. This form of Qi Gong was a blend of breathing and moving exercises to help balance the mind, body and spirit.

Every day, he got up at 2:30 a. m. and rode a bus to Ditan Park. He began his exercises at 3:45 a.m. He practiced Qi Gong for almost six hours straight. His uncles and sometimes his dad accompanied him to exercises.

For seven years, he never stopped practicing and kept on practicing regardless of the weather. The discipline he developed from playing ping-pong have built in him an indomitable spirit and iron will.

In 1988, he had a medical check-up. It revealed that the cancer cells in his lungs that had metastasized to his lymph nodes had vanished and the size of his tumor significantly decreased. He gained weight and had actually become stronger and had more stamina than when he was at the peak of his health. His overall health improved.

In 1985, Chen Yamei, developed thymoma, a benign tumor in the thymus. Ms. Chen underwent surgery in 1985, December. In addition, she was treated with radioactive and chemical therapies with little effect. Her cancer began metastasizing to her bones and lymph nodes.

During her time at the hospital, she saw patients die around her. She became really scared and began to feel that she herself was on the verge of death.

The following year in June, she read in some fitness magazine that Qi Gong could help overcome cancer. Initially, she never believed that Qi Gong could her with her condition, but since she had nothing to lose, she decided to give Qi Gong a try.

She decided to practice Qi Gong in Ditan Park and was designated to a group that was taught by Guo Chengpei.

She observed that everyone in her Qi Gong group class looked energetic and vigorous. She heard that many of these people also had cancer, but they showed no signs of having that ferocious disease. It gave her the courage and confidence to survive.

She frequently sought help from Guo, who constantly was there to help her with enthusiasm and patience. They were each other’s encouragement and began sharing experiences. Months after they first met, they fell in love.

Three years of continuous Qi Gong, helped stabilize Chen’s condition. Today, she sleeps more soundly and has a better appetite.

Guo believes that Qi Gong’s ability to cure cancer has a scientific basis. When a cancer patient breathes plenty of oxygen, the cancer cell growth is halted. The patient can substantially increase his respiratory capacity when he properly practices Qi Gong for several years. And this can be very helpful for patients with cancer.

Based on his experiences, Guo believes that a mixture of Spokane traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine, Qi Gong plus a positive and cheerful attitude is the best way to cure cancer.

Guo said, “Patients with cancer should think like this; Even if your chance of survival is a mere 0.1%, you are the 0.1%.”  “People who can get well the fastest are the ones who are spiritually strong.”