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San Diego Acupuncture on Pain

A study has found that the ancient Chinese practice such as acupuncture San diego is as effective as popular painkillers for treating disabling conditions such as arthritis. A team of scientists from two British universities carried out brain scans on patients while they underwent the … Continue reading

San Diego Acupuncture for Smoking Addiction

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese system of healing that views health as the balance within an individual’s healing energy, or chi. Acupuncturists in san diego ca help chi move along pathways, known as meridians that connect various organs and systems within the body. The uninterrupted … Continue reading

IBS and Acupuncture Treatment in San Diego Ca

If you are diagnosed with IBS, you will probably be told that there is no cure for it. You shouldn’t jump to conclusions before you try Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment in San Diego. My reason for writing this article is to introduce … Continue reading

How San Diego Acupuncture Works

Using Traditional Chinese Medicine, a practitioner’s primary task is to explain how san diego acupuncture works and the rationale behind particular point selections. There is considerable evidence to suggest that acupuncture points are important in special areas of the body, particularly in pain. Research in … Continue reading