The Three Levels Of Qi Gong

The traditional Chinese healing art of Qi gong has its roots in TCM or Traditional Chinese Medicine in Spokane.

The quality of holistic advantages one can expect from this practice will be based on how well and frequent it is performed. This article will use the following arrangement: 

Practiced as just a physical exercise = Low level.

Practiced at an energy (chi/qi) level = Middle level

Practiced at the Shen (mind/spirit level) = High level

This is a general categorization and is designed for expediency. For instance, low level qigong involves mind and energy, and certainly should so in order to be still classified as qigong; however it is usually practiced at just the form level, in which case may no longer be considered qigong. Energy level qigong (middle level) involves form and mind but emphasizes energy. Qigong practiced at a high level will include form and energy.

Benefits to be Expected

When done simply as a physical exercise, low level qigong, brings benefits that one would typically expect from a gentle form of physical exercise. Some of its benefits include loosening of the muscles, enhanced flow of blood, and relaxation.

In middle level qigong, one focuses directly on the energy of their body. As a result, expected benefits would include overcoming conditions such as pain, aches, anxiety, rheumatism, tuberculosis, asthma, and many others.

Lastly, when practicing qigong at a high level, it is not impossible to expect incredible benefits such as overcoming “incurable diseases”, such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

There are lots of medical reasons why qigong works. Based on the principles of Chinese medicine, disease occurs whenever there is a lack chi or vital energy in the body to work the natural bodily systems. One reason for this energy deficiency is that Chi circulation inside the body have slowed down due to restrictions that have developed in the energy channels. By bolstering the flow of chi in the body, one can eliminate restrictions in the meridians or energy channels, and restore whole body health once again.