Benefits Of Mastering The Art Of Qi Gong

The age-old techniques of qigong, phonetically pronounced as “chee goong”, is a healing art that strengthens and increases the flow of vital energy or chi and cleanses the body through the use of gentle movement, meditation, and proper breathing techniques. Used for a long time in China, written texts date the use of this healing art as far back as 600 B.C. Qi gong in Jacksonville has a wide variety of uses. Some are a bit profound and many are for health purposes. It is a way to control the Chi of your body.

This wondrous control enables a practitioner, who is in control of his chi, to generate electrical energy and discharge it to others. People who practice qigong attain that control via a number of meditative exercises. While they may be as short as a five minute set, others are hard to remember and are lengthy. Fortunately, the simple to perform and repetitious exercises and the ones most often used.

Qi gong is an art as well as a self-sustaining process. It builds and instructs both will power and concentration. The body allows chi energy to circulate through the use of yi that integrates concentration, focused intent, and visualization. This cultivates your ability to strengthen your will power even more and focus more intently. Qi gong practice helps the mind and body reach higher levels. When not practicing qigong, the abilities gained boost these same skills.

There are many skills that qi gong encompasses once it’s mastered. Some experts avail of the power of chi to perform both distance healing and healing in person. Other masters use it for out of body experiences, telekinesis, and clairvoyance. For a master of qi gong, it is not uncommon to attain the skills to move objects with the energy force, start fires, or heal others.

The mastery and use of qigong also cultivates the intelligence as proven in several studies. It advances the neural channels between the bran’s two sides so the practitioner is able to use the function of his entire brain. This combines the logical with the creative and develops new patterns of problem solving and thinking. Clinical research also reveals that meditation alters brain frequency patterns until it is mostly the alpha wave that exists. This is the best state of mind in which to perform and learn different PSI skills.

Research shows that the rise in psychic skills in children is faster than in adults. The reason perhaps being that children still use their stomach for breathing, which is one of the fundamental practices of qi gong. One study involved a piece of paper containing Chinese words. The paper was then crumpled into a ball. The researchers then gave the paper ball to a child who was given instructions to read the letter using their brain, without uncrambling the ball to see the words. More than 60 % of the children could do this with uncanny precision.

When one learns the easy technique of qigong, it can not only help him relax, it can also expand the abilities of his mind. These include application for health, happiness, goal achievement, and business.

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