Bringing Balance And Harmony In Your Mind And Body With Tai Chi And Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are just two of the solutions to physical harmony and self trust. Anyone can you can succeed with a lot of accomplishments through the use of these techniques minus the need to put oneself through aggression, violent conflicts, and great physical or psychological efforts. Trust that you can govern the genuine laws of the universe once you assimilate these methods and it will be virtually impossible for you to be controlled by someone else.

The Wonder Dance – Tai Chi Chuan

Perhaps, you may have seen on TV that in China, hundreds of people very early in the morning apparently perform strange movements out in public. This exercise that involved waving movements, is an ancient Chinese technique. The universe’s eternity as well as the beat of its lasting changes, have led rise to the notion that if only man follows and adapts to this rhythm, he can achieve immortalilty. This activity signifies an implementation of the practice of the delicate aspect of the human being (mental control, spiritual evolution, etc), and the physical side (bones, articulation, muscles, etc).

Within just a few minutes, Tai Chi Chuan can give the chance to get back, your harmony and strength whenever you feel physically or intellectually fatigued.

The Art of Internal Harmony – Qi Gong

A system of philosophy at least 5000 years old, Qi Qong survived throughout the millennia to become a widely practiced activity at the dawn of the modern age. This healing art is the most complex and advanced way to improve longevity and health, by providing us a sense of harmony and with the world around us. This technique has four major principles: the breathing, the movement, the eyes, and the mind.

The breathing is the flood of intent, the movement is the action of intent, the eyes are deemed to be the focusing of intention, and the mind signifies the intent. Obviously, it requires practice and time to fully comprehend their dynamics.

The advantages that ensue generated by the practice of Qi gong can be divided into five:

  1. Promotion of intellectual and mental capacities
  2. Extension of longevity
  3. Spiritual development
  4. Development of a person’s Chi or internal energy; gaining a boost of vitality
  5. Overall betterment of health, curing diseases

Various illnesses in Chinese medicine can be due to certain human characteristics: optimism deficit, harmony, joy, sadness, and anger. These elements can all be aggravated by lack of nourishment and diet, resulting in vital energy or Chi to diminish in specific parts of the body. You can learn to be more aware of what’s going on in your inner universe when practicing Qi Gong allowing you to construct a defensive system against the equilibrium that impacts your vital energy.

The deftness acquired by the harmony of effortless breathing during the training sessions, and by inviting you to meditation can confer a faster and better recovery from stress and a fast recovery from stress, tiredness.

Over hundreds of years, there have been a number of Chinese healing arts whose effectiveness have been proven eventually. Throughout these times, why not attend Chinese seminars or search the search the internet to help prove your pint.

Steven Goldfarb is a licensed acupuncture doctor and the medical director of Goldfarb Chiropractic and Acupuncture Center in West Orange, NJ.