Craniosacral Therapy, Its Functions And Benefits

Craniosacral therapy practitioners are often asked the question, “What is craniosacral therapy?,“ or “How does craniosacral therapy work?.”

To the first question, craniosacral therapy is a light touch manual therapy that focuses on improving the structure of the body, in particular, the central nervous system, in order for the body, as a whole, can work at its highest level.

To the second question, we can think of the body as an interrelated and interwoven biological fabric so much so that if any part of the fabric is twisted, pulled, or imbalanced, it will affect the entire body in some way.

If you look at an illustration of the body, with the front part of the body removed, you’ll see the body as a fabric. When a portion of the fabric is twisted, you will notice that the twist affects the local area but it also twists the entire fabric in some degree.

Now, we’ll look at the central nervous system. This system is surrounded by the craniosacral system. Inside the body is the cerebrospinal system made up of the skull, spinal column, sacrum and the coccyx and within these bony structures is the craniosacral system. The craniosacral system is composed of the brain and the spinal cord.

Everything we feel, think, remember or do is processed through biological structures. When a structure is overly strained, then its ability to do its work efficiently and fully is often compromised. This can lead to ill health. For instance, when looking at a large section of the body showing some of the structures as an interconnected biological network, stress in the shoulder can lead to conditions such as difficulty breathing, frozen shoulder, bursitis or tingling or weakness in the hand or arm. Also, a distortion of the craniosacral system surrounding the spinal cord can develop. This can lead to stress in the nerve roots and spinal cord tissue that, in turn, can lead to difficulties such as chronic pain, lung congestion or difficulty swallowing.

As the pattern progresses, it will affect more of the spinal cord, and perhaps, causing trouble speaking or moving the tongue, temporomandibular joint syndrome, ear congestion or ringing in the ear. The craniosacral system encasing the lower part of the brain can also be affected.

This can lead to conditions such as difficulty moving, migraine headache, chronic stress or fatigue, or constipation. This now affects more areas of the brain that can cause problems like difficulty seeing, concentrating or planning; poor memory; or hypersensitivity to sound, touch, smell, sight, textures or temperature.

The focus of craniosacral therapy is to employ light gentle techniques to help the body redice structural strain so that our biological channels can function at maximum levels. This helps to improve our ability to heal and function fully at our optimal level.

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