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Acupuncture Edina Treatment for Bad Cholesterol

One of the most problematic health issues facing the Untied States nowadays is the number of people suffering from high cholesterol.  High cholesterol, contrary to widespread belief that it is due to cardiovascular problems, is actually the body’s inability to normally assimilate or synthesize lipoproteins … Continue reading

Treating Infertility with Acupuncture Edina

Acupuncture Edina is a globally recognized form of treatment for cases of infertility.  Various kinds of health conditions including behavioral and chemical addictions can be successfully treated with acupuncture.  The rate of success in treating certain kinds of infertility is much higher for acupuncture than … Continue reading

Helping Autistic Kids with Acupuncture Edina

Autism is rapidly increasing around the world.  Statistics provided by various health organizations shows that one in one thousand to one in half a thousand children are afflicted with it.  Strong evidence correlates the rise of autism with the increase of vaccine shots and many … Continue reading

Understanding Acupuncture Edina Therapy

Acupuncture Edina therapy is an ancient technique of Chinese medicine meant to promote the natural healing and stop or prevent suffering. This is accomplished by regulating the flow of qi, or life energy, in the body. Practitioners believe that meridians are channels of qi, pronounced … Continue reading