Helping Autistic Kids with Acupuncture Edina

Autism is rapidly increasing around the world.  Statistics provided by various health organizations shows that one in one thousand to one in half a thousand children are afflicted with it.  Strong evidence correlates the rise of autism with the increase of vaccine shots and many believe it is the presence of mercury in vaccines that cause autism although more research is needed to substantiate this theory.

Since there is really no conventional treatment for autism, most parents rely on alternative therapies such as acupuncture Edina to aid their children from this crippling condition.  The conventional way to help autistic children is by helping them improve their communication and social skills.

Preliminary and anecdotal medical evidence shows that acupuncture can effectively better the condition of autistic children.  Acupuncture generally is shown to not be a cure but more of a symptomatic relief for autism.  Treating children with acupuncture can entail some difficulty on the part of the parent since during acupuncture the child needs to stay still for half an hour or more.  For children with severe autism, this procedure might prove more difficult.  Fortunately, pediatric acupuncture has devised ways that need not require the child to stay still.  Prompt pricks at strategic acupuncture points using filiform needles do the trick.  Some acupuncturists use acupressure instead of needles when the situation demands it.

A United States research studying the effects of acupuncture on the brain of autistic children showed that after 4 months of acupuncture given every other day, 20 of the 22 children treated exhibited dramatic improvement with two of them manifesting substantial improvement of blood flow to the cerebrum.  The study observed before treatment that disparity in blood flow between the right and left cerebrum and also between the right and left frontal lobes existed.  After treatment, no disparities were discovered then.

In Hong Kong clinical studies for acupuncture that targets the tongue for needling have reported success in the improvement of the conditions of autistic children.  Since this kind of treatment is a new procedure (there was no such thing as tongue acupuncture in the 5,000 year old practice of traditional Chinese medicine), more studies are needed to verify its genuine efficacy.  Chinese doctors who use tongue acupuncture believe that numerous meridians exist in the tongue and heart that connect to the major organs in the body.  They also think that the tongue greatly influences the condition of the organs which can effect relief to the many conditions of autism.

The use of acupuncture coupled with a gluten free, non-dairy diet high in vitamin D can offset many symptoms of autism.  This type of diet combined with acupuncture and therapy have proven very effective for many autistic patients and many children have even completely reversed their conditions because of this process that they are now living normal happy lives.