Acupuncture Edina Treatment for Bad Cholesterol

One of the most problematic health issues facing the Untied States nowadays is the number of people suffering from high cholesterol.  High cholesterol, contrary to widespread belief that it is due to cardiovascular problems, is actually the body’s inability to normally assimilate or synthesize lipoproteins or cholesterol in the body.  The cholesterol and triglycerides gets stored in the blood and this heightens the risk of heart disease.  Western medicine, because it is financially expedient, merely sets its goals in treating the symptoms of high cholesterol.  No money will flow if it cured the problem completely.  High cholesterol is usually caused by poor nutritional choices, inefficient body metabolism and an unhealthy lifestyle.  Besides merely acting as palliatives for the symptoms, Western medicine offers drugs that are replete with toxins and it is rather inadvisable to use them as a primary recourse for high cholesterol.  Acupuncture Edina and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) gives the same benefit plus much more for the patient without any worries of side effects in its use.

A healthy lifestyle and healthy nutritional choices can vastly minimize high cholesterol.  They give the body strength and a proper function to increase cholesterol breakdown at the same time minimizing food intake essentially rich in cholesterol.  Some foods that are low in cholesterol are cold-water fish, apples, bananas, carrots, garlic, coconut and olive oil, grape fruits and oats and bran.  Vitamin and mineral intake such as niacin, omega 3 and lecithin among others are highly recommended for proper cholesterol maintenance.  Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking, stress, anxiety, anger and bad sleeping habits contribute to high cholesterol while greasy and fried foods, eggs and beer, to mention a few, also makes a person accumulate cholesterol rapidly.  Sugar intake such as soda or confections also contributes to high cholesterol.  A better alternative for sodas would be tea (herbal is preferable).  Drinking tea after meals increases the body’s metabolism helping burn calories faster and efficiently.  Light exercises are also advisable to burn more calories and help the body metabolize fat after eating fatty meals.

As mentioned before, herbal tea is good for cholesterol reduction.  TCM also encourages the use of Chinese herbal medicines to complement acupuncture therapy.  Acupuncture treats the disorders and the imbalances in the body.  It helps regulate the body’s metabolism so that a proper breakdown of cholesterol and triglycerides is achieved.  The cholesterol accumulation itself can be addressed by herbal medicine.  The herbs also are great in reducing the high blood pressure of the patient if he/she suffers from it.  Without a change in bad dietary habits and poor lifestyle, acupuncture can only go so far in helping an individual battle high cholesterol.  For one seeking a permanent solution to this problem, acupuncture plus a healthy lifestyle and eating of nutritious and low cholesterol foods is the answer.