Acupuncture Miami for Insomnia

Insomnia is basically a person’s inability to gain adequate sleep.  The gravity of this condition depends on the degree of stress that the individual bears in his/her day-to-day life.  People with insomnia usually have difficulty sleeping for one night or every night, might sleep and often wake up with nightmares, are easily woken up after falling asleep or just cannot sleep.

Various factors can cause insomnia.  Because of constant work, the body gets used to being busy producing hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline that keeps the body awake and alert; these are hormones associated with stress.  The drinking of coffee or tea and other beverages that stimulates the nerves and add to the caffeine level in the body also makes sleep difficult to achieve.  People with insomnia should know that acupuncture for insomnia is one of the more effective and safer treatments for insomnia around.  Acupuncture Miami is a treatment procedure that uses reed-thin needles inserted at specific points in the body.  The points where the needles are inserted are called meridians and when these meridians are stimulated, various beneficial effects are felt by the body.  For the treatment of insomnia, the needles help release the body’s own pain relieving chemicals to remove strain and stress.  This effect soothes the nerves and greatly aids in the reduction of blood pressure.

The meridians selected for insomnia treatment are the pericardium and heart meridians.  Acupuncturists think that these meridians help the heart pump blood more efficiently and help relax the mind.  Acupuncture can treat all types of insomnia and particular meridians are selected for treatment for specific types of insomnia conditions.  The acupuncturist needs to precisely know what type of insomnia the patient has to select the proper meridians to stimulate

There are times when a treatment combination is required and oftentimes, Chinese herbal medicine is included with acupuncture to better address the particular type of insomnia.  Counseling regarding dietary and lifestyle changes is also one treatment procedure that the acupuncturist includes with the treatment.  Patients who have been cured of their insomnia with acupuncture also report that their health also has become much better.  This is understandable because the benefits of acupuncture for insomnia extend to the whole body systems in general making them function more efficiently.  Even with just two or three sessions of treatment, the patient can start to feel balance and harmony in the body as the stress hormones are lessened, the body is detoxified of caffeine and other substances and the organs function better due to better blood circulation.  A change of diet and lifestyle is needed to ensure that the insomnia will never come back.  After these have been achieved there will be nothing else that can prevent a person from getting good, adequate and sound sleep.