Smoking Addiction and Acupuncture Orlando

For smoking addicts who want to completely get rid of cigarette smoking, acupuncture Orlando offers a unique way to cure you of your nicotine addiction.  Acupuncture is completely different than any conventional treatments around that offer a way out of smoking.  Needles placed on the ear to cure one’s nicotine addiction is truly a novel way for treating this addiction but it is nonetheless the most effective treatment around if one is serious about quitting smoking.

Since ear acupuncture is primarily and oftentimes the sole mode of acupuncture treatment for nicotine addiction, the patient does not need to shed any clothing during treatment.  Women who cover the hair for any type of reason will probably need a female acupuncturist to ensure that no religious or customary practices are broken.  Oftentimes, to make the treatment much cheaper, ear acupuncture is offered in groups.  Since no shedding of clothing is involved, the patients can sit in a chair in a room with other patients and they can function as some sort of a support group which can make the treatment more relaxing and help enable the patients cope with the cravings in a more effective way.

Pipe, rolling tobacco and cigarette smokers can all experience the same thing when they stop – having a great urge to light up a cigarette.  They know they are doing the right thing controlling their craving but they may find it very difficult doing so.  Acupuncture stimulates the production and release of endorphins – chemicals that cause a feeling of calm and relaxation in the mind and body.  These chemicals are needed by these people who are having strong cravings to help stop those cravings.  Acupuncture treatment can last for a long time but sometimes in between sessions, the effect of acupuncture wears off leaving the patient at the mercy of his/her cravings.  Ear acupuncturists now provide aid for these patients by means of ear pellets or magnets taped on the ear.  When rubbed gently, these pellets have an effect on the body similar to the acupuncture needles; they stimulate the release of endorphins to help alleviate the cravings and help the patient manage his/her addiction urges while waiting for the next acupuncture session.

Folks who are opting for ear acupuncture in order to completely kick the habit of smoking usually get lifestyle and dietary advices from their acupuncturists.  Some patients take it upon themselves to live a healthy lifestyle and to eat nutritious foods since it is to no one’s benefit but to themselves that they do these necessary changes.  A healthy body should be a prized and cherished goal for all people since it does make life much happier and easier to live.  Having a weak body prone to sickness and an uncontrollable craving are the consequences cigarette smokers have to live by especially those who have no desire to fight their nicotine addiction.