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Bringing Balance And Harmony In Your Mind And Body With Tai Chi And Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong are just two of the solutions to physical harmony and self trust. Anyone can you can succeed with a lot of accomplishments through the use of these techniques minus the need to put oneself through aggression, violent conflicts, and great physical or psychological efforts. Trust that you can govern the […]
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Tai Chi, A Very Sensible Choice For Arthritis Pain Relief

What is Arthritis? Literally meaning “inflammation of the joints,” arthritis is a condition resulting from the degeneration of the cartilage tissues inside the joints, either due to the buildup of uric acid crystals on the lining of the joint or to regular wear and tear associated with process of aging. This is a very disturbing […]
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The Many Benefits of Tai Chi

Chinese health practices in Boca Raton are usually associated by most people with certain aggressive forms of martial arts that are highly energetic, oftentimes involving histrionics such as breaking down solid brick walls, delivering punches at bullet speed, kicking in the air, or some such similar fantasy stuff. More often than not, these are all […]
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