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How To Breathe Properly Through The Practice Of Qigong Breathing

Pronounced Chee Gung, Qigong is the age-old Chinese practice of bolstering health by means of methodical breathing. The basics are easy to learn.

Qigong instructors tell their new students to take a deep breath before starting class. Many of these instructors have observed that their … Continue reading

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An Australian Study Confirms That Tai Chi And Qigong Can Help Treat And Prevent Type 2 Diabetes

The first clinical trial in Australia involved a pilot study to assess whether traditional Chinese exercises helped stem the growing problem of diabetes led to unexpected results.

A team of researchers from the University of Queensland discovered that by performing the Chinese exercises Tai Chi … Continue reading

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The History And Development Of Medical Qigong

Qìgong is a Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) meditation and exercise program that integrates focused awareness, regulated breathing, and slow movement to balance and cultivate chi. Qi gong massage is one aspect of qigong in which the practitioner combines knowledge of acupuncture points and channels with … Continue reading

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