The Many Benefits of Tai Chi

Chinese health practices in Jacksonville are usually associated by most people with certain aggressive forms of martial arts that are highly energetic, oftentimes involving histrionics such as breaking down solid brick walls, delivering punches at bullet speed, kicking in the air, or some such similar fantasy stuff. More often than not, these are all promoted by Hollywood renditions of Chinese fitness forms.

On the other hand, none of these extraordinary actions are required for followers of an ancient Chinese health secret known as Tai Chi. You don’t need to be an action movie star to enjoy optimum well being of soul, mind, and body. This article will talk about this very old Chinese health secret and how it can be used to treat several health conditions that can help you live a happy and holistic life filled with self-discipline and contentment. Tai chi is a healing art and at the same time a martial art that enriches your spirit, body, and mind.

Tai Chi’s Historical Importance

At the heart of Tai Chi is a 2500 year old form of Chinese martial art and discipline known as Qigong. However, in recent decades, Tai Chi slowly evolved into a pseudo meditative, slow and more rhythmic form of bodily movements in which a practitioner can find balance, relaxation, and inner peace in a mad world were concerns are increasing inexorably day by day. These days, besides specialty holistic healing studios, one can actually witness a large group of people perform the modern form of Tai Chi outdoors, in various public parks and in other public places.

Besides being initially developed as a form of self-defense form, Tai Chi was also originally designed to help boost a sense of calmness and promote inner peace in people practicing it. For masters of this art, Tai Chi gives them the power and ability to defend themselves from attackers and enemies.

Aspects of Tai Chi

The most popular aspect of Tai Chi is that all movements of the body lie on the proper usage of internal energies that the unversed may not have the ability to be aware of since these movements are extremely subtle. These subtle movements can be best encapsulated in the proverb – “four ounces can move a thousand pounds.” Tai Chi necessitates a very advanced skill that is capable of delivering a very powerful blow in which the defender makes use of very little energy but just enough to bring about a successful neutralization of a much powerful adversary.

A lot of onlookers may be puzzled to witness the controlled and powerful effects of an external action that looks seemingly composed and intended to promote relaxation. Tai Chi is one type of martial art involving different factors of the meditative mind, body and soul leading to balance of these three aspects of a person.

Tai Chi – Its Benefits
People living in Western societies these days have taken to ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique that was built up from the tenets of Qi Gong in which body mechanics are followed and inner energies are channeled to help practitioners strengthen, develop, and even get back lost muscle control, such as in postsurgical cancer treatment so that they may attain long term health benefits.

If you are a practitioner of Tai Chi, expect to gain benefits like an improvement in your stamina during running, exercising, or walking and a calmer, happier, and much attitude that would lead to a very fulfilling and meaningful life.