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Acupressure Can Be A Practical Way To Relieve Gout Pain

Although an ideal way to prevent gout, exercise isn’t the best option when it comes to relieving a gout attack. This doesn’t mean, however, that drugs are necessarily the answer to your discomfort and pain. You may want to try various complementary and alternative remedies available that are safer and just as effective. One of […]
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Some Things You Need To Know About The Ancient Chinese Therapy Known As Moxibustion

During ancient times, balance was the healer’s main guiding principle to health. Hence, a person feeling weak and cold is given warmth and strength. The type of treatment given for a cold affliction in traditional Chinese medicine would be moxibustion. Moxibustion is a healing technique involving the burning of moxa or mugwort plant to provide […]
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Some Of The Ways Qigong Exercises Promote And Maintain Health And Extend Longevity

Qigong specifically pertains to a set of exercise that originated in Ancient China. A lot of the practitioners of these exercises use it to increase longevity and boost their health. What is Qigong? The exercise performed in Qigong is designed for the mind, breath, and the entire body. Qigong is a very old practice that […]
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Some FAQs About Facial Rejuvenation Acupressure Exercises

Acupressure is a healing system that’s even much older than acupuncture which is believed to be around 5,000 years old. It works on the life energy of the body called chi that circulates all around our bodies. There are numerous energy channels or meridians that are located on our skull, neck, and face. When these […]
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Acupressure Techniques To Help Dementia Patients Fall Asleep And Maintain Sleep

In certain stages of our lives, there have been some who of us who have had real difficulties in sleeping at night. Whether it’s due to stress, drugs, hormones, or worries, not getting enough sleep can inflict various kinds of negativity on our bodies. Our ability to cope with life’s daily challenges can be impacted […]
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Acupressure For Low Back Pain And Sleepiness During The Day

The Chinese believe that acupressure has been practiced for 5,000 years and people involved in wellness and Holistic therapies are firmly convinced that the methods employed within this sphere are more effective than physical therapy. According to Chinese medicine, each living thing possess a life force called qi or chi. When it’s flowing freely, this […]
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The Simple Truth Behind Cupping Therapy

The ancient Chinese people, like a lot of ancient civilizations, spent most of their time working in the fields or hunting for food. Pain and aches always accompanied such hard work and during then, mostly poor technology was available to these people. They had to avail of the cheapest ways to alleviate themselves of their […]
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Moderation Is An Important Aspect In Chinese Nutritional Therapy

In Western societies, some people can be found trying to exist on a single type of food (remember the grapefruit diet?). In China and other East Asian countries, people tend to eat a variety of foods to pursue balance in their minds and bodies and to maintain health. There is no food that is eaten […]
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The Usefulness And Vast Applications Of Qi Gong In Your Life

Qi Gong (pronounced chee goong) is an ancient form of body movement and posture that that cleanses and strengthens and boosts the flow of qi or chi (vital energy) in the body through meditation and gentle movement. Ancient documents in China show that it has been practiced as far back as 600 B.C. In the […]
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Chinese Medicine And The Innate Healing Power Of Your Body

When people ask me a question about acupuncture, the topic usually is about the needles used in the treatment. Some have asked is there something on the needles? I answer no and immediately explain to them why the needles are used and why it is the most important tool for acupuncturists. I basically tell people […]
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