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Five TCM Foods That Can Make Your Skin Smooth And Healthy

Fort Lauderdale TCM or Traditional Chinese medicine pays meticulous consideration to diet. If you want to acquire healthy and fair skin, you need to know what kinds of food you eat every day. Also, when you properly control your internal environment, you can be able … Continue reading

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TCM Techniques To Enhance The Breast

Are there any natural approaches that can help increase the size of your breast without going through surgery? Yes, there are other breast enhancing techniques that have shown to successfully work for women (and men). You may have heard from others about an ancient healing … Continue reading

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TCM and Its Use to Help Balance Qi in the Body

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in Bellingham is often referred to as Oriental medicine or just plain Chinese medicine. This type of therapy incorporates a wide range of folk medical practices grounded on mysticism. TCM is based on the idea that the Qi or vital energy … Continue reading

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