How The Trilogy Of Chinese Medicine, Chinese Astrology, And Feng Shui Are Connected To Each Other

While Feng Shui is part of a trilogy of traditional healing modalities, the art and science of this ancient discipline explains why we are affected by both the natural environment and built environment we live in.

Chinese Medicine and Chinese Astrology are the other two parts to this healing trilogy.

Any of these three traditions is comprised of very useful guidance and wisdom in how to live our lives in a more productive, focused, and balanced way.

In Chinese Astrology, we are furnished with a road map to our lives during times when are challenged and times when our lives seem to be much easier and more natural. Chinese Astrology can be extremely specific and it helps us to make timely decisions in matters of health, career, and love.

On the other hand, Chinese Medicine can determine how we can deal with our innate weaknesses and what our constitutional health is like. It treats illnesses with acupuncture Bellingham, food, herbs and other health connected solutions.

Feng Shui shows how our work or home environment is affecting us, socially, spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

How all these systems are connected to each other can be gleaned in this theoretical example: A person’s astrology reading may signify that he will have a problem with his health somewhere between the ages of 25 to 30 years. Using Chinese medicine diagnostic tools, the Chinese medicine practitioner may be able to determine what kind of health condition can develop. (This may also be determined by Chinese Astrology). Feng Shui can then determine whether a residence will inhibit or assist the health of the occupant and even foretell the years when the influence of the house will worsen or better the occupant’s health. When you combine all these influences together, you can come up with a vivid understanding and life plan of what a person needs to do at various stages in his life.

This is similar in how the essence of various religions arrives at the same ultimate Truths. It’s fascinating to know that besides the Chinese other cultures have similar renditions of this trilogy. The version of feng shui for the Indians is known as the Vaastu Shastra which complements and works with East-Indian (Vedic) Astrology and Aryuvedic medicine.

Modern living, in general, is now more or less compartmentalized. We now have difficulty in seeing the connections between significant chapters of our lives. Still, everything affects everything else! We simply hardly ever perceive it. On the other hand, we’re now witnessing from an environmental, political, and economic point of view, that we’re all responsible for and related to each other. Unfortunately, the west coast of the United States is being affected by the pollution coming from China.

By applying Feng Shui applications and theories, we are constantly searching for a connection between the natural environment, the human being, and the universe. We even have terms to describe the numerous influences on our lives: “earth luck,” “man luck,” and “heaven luck”. The relationship of the earth to the moon and sun is deep and we can also measure those yang and yin forces on a small scale within a structured environment.