Ways to Treat Arthritis

For the ordinary person, his main thought in treating arthritis will be to take analgesics and other pain medications.  Nowadays, people are starting to discover that there are other medical treatments for arthritis and many of these treatments do not have the same adverse side effects as painkillers.

Arthritis can truly be a very painful experience and it is only natural for anyone suffering from this condition to seek ways to relieve the pain and the inflammation and hopefully, those ways do not have serious side effects to the body as pain medications do.

Here are some of the alternative treatments that may help you relieve arthritis pain and swelling in a much safer and effective way.

  1.  Acupuncture  Miami – This very old Chinese healing tradition is used for the relief of pain, improvement of blood flow and for calming the mind and body.  When used in treating arthritis, acupuncture removes the pain and alleviates the tension and discomfort in the joints.  The treatment involves the use of filiform needles to stimulate meridian points for therapeutic purposes.  People react to acupuncture differently; some may find immediate relief from pain while others may need to undergo a few or several sessions more to experience an improvement in their condition.
  2. Living a healthy lifestyle and diet –  Living an active and healthy life and eating highly nutritious foods in temperate amounts will make your muscles stronger, your body systems balanced and your immune system strong.  The key to combat arthritis and many types of disease is a healthy immune system.  Avoid caffeine and alcohol as much as possible and be active to lose weight if you are overweight or worse, obese.  Added weight to the body puts unhealthy tension and stress to the joints which can lead to arthritis.  Try to eat a balanced diet with abundant amounts of minerals and vitamins especially C and D.  Cold-water fish as well as mackerel and salmon are good for healthy and strong joints.
  3.  Herbal formulas – Herbs can be comparatively as effective as painkillers in relieving arthritis pain and discomfort.  Some notable ones are ginger and turmeric.  Both help in lessening the inflammation and pain of arthritis.  Study and understand herbal formulas and supplements first before trying them out to be sure you choose the right ones for your condition.
  4.  Physiotherapy (Massage) – This and other techniques meant to relax and soothe the muscles and joints are particularly effective in relieving arthritis pain and discomfort.  Also, deep breathing exercises and even meditation are very good ways to release tension in the body and soothe the pain in the joints.
  5.  Mild exercise – Performing exercises that increase the joint’s range of motion are recommended to battle arthritis.  These exercises also helps you build up your immune system and increase blood flow throughout your body which are all good when treating arthritis.