Some Techniques to Treat Back Pain

Back pain is a ubiquitous health problem experienced by hundreds of millions of people around the world.  Since this is so, scores of pain control techniques have been developed to treat this painful problem.  The physical techniques to control pain that have been devised are exercise, the application of heat and cold, massage and acupuncture Davis among many others. Knowing more about them can help you better understand the techniques that are suitable for your type of back pain.  Here are some information regarding these techniques that may help you better manage your pain.

  1. Exercise – Exercise is a very effective procedure for controlling your back pain and it is one among just a few procedures that can permanently rectify your back pain problem.  The immediate positive effect of exercise is called counter simulation that helps lessen back pain immediately.  As one exercises, sensation in the joints, muscles, joints and other body parts are felt that help neutralize the pain signals.  These sensations can even completely block the nerve signals for pain.  Exercise also builds up the body to quickly and effectively heal back muscles and other tissues in the back that have been injured.
  2. Cold And Heat – Chilling or warming the affected painful area of the back especially during sudden flare-ups of back pain can considerably help in lessening back pain.  Putting ice directly on the painful area stops muscles spasms and block pain sensations from the nerves that send pain signals to the brain. Putting ice on the painful area also lessens the swelling or inflammation often seen with back pain.  Whenever you think you are suffering from a strained back, put ice on it even if there’s no pain felt because it will help lessen the growth of any inflammation.  When utilizing either heat or ice pack, use it for only 20 minutes or less.
  3. Massage – Massage applies pressure on the skin and stretches it as well as the tissues and muscles under it.  Massage gives heat to the affected area which improves blood flow and eases the tense muscles.  Massages are meant to give comfort to people with back pain.  For back pain, only a gentle stroking massage is effective in minimizing pain, never a vigorous one.
  4.  Acupuncture – Acupuncture is incredibly thousands of years old and uniquely a Chinese healing art.  It is about the practice of inserting filiform needles into the body called acupuncture points where underlying energy vessels called meridians are located.  This unorthodox technique is widely applied around the world for treating many types of pain, including back pain.  Western medical researchers are still in the dark of how acupuncture really works. Nevertheless, it is one of the most effective techniques to battle and win over pain.