Face Enhancing Acupuncture Bellingham

Our present culture mainly due to the media is obsessed with film celebrities and many people now are willing to go under the knife or have their face injected with chemicals just to look as beautiful as a young Hollywood actor or actress.  This kind of obsession makes them decide to undergo surgery that can be risky and an unguaranteed way to acquire the look they truly desire.

Surgery is always a risky procedure and plastic surgery is not an exception.  The risks involved in this procedure are many and can include permanent scarring needing more remedial procedures, asymmetry, hypothermia, infection, skin breakdown, hematoma, inflammation of the wound, seroma, excessive hemorrhage, blood clots in legs or lungs, heart attack and stroke.

Plastic surgery can cause an arm and a leg for most people and the initial charges do not even cover needed touch-up surgery in later years.  Also, the pain involved in the surgery can last for many weeks.  This surgery may not even help treat the emotional negativity of the person such as depression, stress or anxiety, which will get worse as the effects of the surgery begin to wane in later years.

As a conventional alternative to cosmetic surgery, Botox offers a less “radical” way to look younger or more attractive.  Botox injections may look like a good alternative to cosmetic surgery but most people do not know that there are many negative effects to this kind of cosmetic procedure.  The chemical for example, used in Botox is primarily made of botulinum toxin, type A; a bacterial nerve poison that causes botulism.

Listed below are some of the side effects associated with Botulism:

– Hardness of breathing difficulty which can lead to respiratory failure

– Hardness of speaking and swallowing

– Double vision

– Dry mouth

– Nausea

– Temporary lack of breathing

– Vomiting

– Weakness with paralysis

– Abdominal cramps

This is exactly what it is; poison.  Doctors who perform Botox procedures are literally injecting poison into your face and by extension in your body.  The poison is injected in the forehead muscles and areas close to the eyes which may lead to wrinkles within a short period of time.  The injections hinder the nerve impulses from reaching the muscles, the muscles look relaxed but in fact the injections have paralyzed them.

Interestingly not all film celebrities undergo cosmetic surgery or Botox.  Some of them, in fact, avail of natural face enhancing alternatives such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture Bellingham for beauty enhancement has actually been practice for millennia. No less than the Chinese emperors of yore and their concubines have used this therapy to look beautiful and maintain a youthful face.  Everyone can now avail of this wonderful just by looking for reputable licensed and well-trained acupuncturists who more or less specialize in beauty enhancing acupuncture.