Paida Lajin Exercises For A Strong And Healthy Body

Paida lajin exercises are designed to free up your energy channels called meridians, helping improve sexual function, strengthening your immune system, cleansing your body of toxins, and treating illnesses. It can also increase your body length, uplift your appearance, help you lose unwanted weight, and reduce acne, wrinkles, and freckles. Body lengthening can occur in adolescents and in middle aged people; this benefits the elderly the most since a lot of them have stiffened tendons and suffer from a hunched back to varying degrees.

 The slapping and patting of the joints and skin which is part of the Paida lajin regimen helps stimulate the flow of vital energy called “Chi” giving vitality and life to your body. Paida lajin extracts the Yin chi or the negative Chi out of your body and invigorates you with Yang Chi or positive energy. Paida lajin stimulates your meridians with positive Chi which thus fills your body with vitality. The slapped and patted areas of your body will automatically activate blood and Chi enhancing their circulation. As a detoxifier, the increased Chi will scan your body to identify blocked energy channels and then clean them. The result is the clearing of tumors and the removal of toxic waste in your body.

As mentioned before, Paida Lajin improves sexual function, strengthens the immune system, and cleanses the body of toxins. In addition, this exercise therapy can cure or relieve problems in the reproductive and urinary systems.  It also is effective in dealing with gastroenteritis and other stomach problems; swelling and pain in the feet and hands; numbness in the body; problems affecting the cerebrovascular and cardiovascular systems; diabetes; dermatitis; and gallbladder and liver problems. 

But the biggest benefit of paida lajin is that you can do it yourself. It inexpensive and usually doesn’t cost you any money at all. You can learn in just a few minutes and can treat practically any type of disease. 

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