Relieving Chronic Bronchitis With Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chronic bronchitis is one among the many lung diseases bracketed under the term COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Chronic bronchitis causes irritation and inflammation of the air passages, which are the pathways in the lungs where air goes in and out of your body. These air passages are also referred to as bronchial tubes, from which the term bronchitis is derived. Thick mucus starts to develop in the air passages when they are irritated and inflamed. The mucus, over time, will block the air pathways of the lungs making breathing difficult.

Chronic bronchitis cannot be reversed, acute bronchitis can. The bronchial tubes is also one the most frequently affected.

“Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine.” One of the basis of Chinese traditional medicine (TCM) in Jacksonville is nutritional therapy. For ages, TCM has concentrated on food treatments.

In the treatment of chronic bronchitis, here are a couple of Chinese nutritional therapy remedies you can try:

  1. An easy and simple  way to treat chronic bronchitis

If you suffer from have chronic bronchitis, at the onset of the hot summer period, for one day, you need to eat only boiled hens eggs and raw sterilized cucumbers. One should not add any salt to the eggs or cucumbers nor should they drink any water. Consume the boiled eggs when you are hungry; eat the cucumber when you are thirsty. For just one day, live your life this way, and for years, you’ll be able to avoid chronic bronchitis symptoms and pain.

  • A way to eradicate chronic bronchitis

A person who has been infected by a cold pathogen and developed cough may ignore or underestimate his condition and so might eventually succumb to chronic bronchitis. This is perhaps the only time he goes to a doctor. However, the drugs that his doctor might give him may not be effective enough to relieve his symptoms. His coughing is be treated and his body keeps on producing a lot of sputum. What other recourse does he have? We recommend that he consumes a delectable fare of three Chinese fruits dried and added with rock candy. These fruits include the Chinese hawthorn (in china, this is known as shanza), jujube (the Chinese call this hong zao, and longan (in China, this is known as guiyuan. The most important of these three fruits is jujube.

  • Preparing the fruits

For a single winter, half a kilogram of the meat of longan will suffice, as well as a rather small amount of hawthorn. Mixed with a proper amount rock candy, the three dried fruits are then stewed until they turn into gruel. The gruel is then placed in a refrigerator. The gruel is served around Christmastime and for the next 81 days or until it is totally consumed. An intake of 2 tablespoonfuls a day is the proper way to administer the doses. For the person concerned, he will be immune to coughing even if he develops bronchitis later at any time. And thanks to this sweet dish, neither will cold. Anyone can purchase these fruits in dried form at any Chinese grocery.