Treating Epilepsy with Acupuncture Miami

Numerous clinical studies have been done to show the benefits of acupuncture for epilepsy.  Acupuncture Miami treatment is most effective when early diagnosis and treatment of the disease is given.  Some acupuncturists have concluded based on their experiences that in order to have long term relief of epilepsy regular acupuncture treatments must be performed for two years.  Acupuncture in the head, body and ears are the most effective treatment approaches for epilepsy.  Acupuncture and herbal medicine are often used for most types of seizure disorders.  Epilepsy is a major disorder and acupuncture treatment is expected to take years or be on a long-term basis.

Studies done by scientists at the Medical College of Ohio reveal that acupuncture in animals alters the biochemical process in the central nervous system. They think that these changes can be deemed as improvements in disorders such as seizures, paresis, and paralysis due to acupuncture. Activation of the vagus nerve and neurotransmitter alterations can be due to the effects of acupuncture on the brain in treating epilepsy. The application of acupuncture points on the body, face, ear, scalp, and lower extremities stimulate the vagus nerve, which is vital in regulating the areas in the brain where epilepsy is known to occur.

The shenmen acupuncture point on the ear connects to various meridians that lead to major organs like the brain.  Electro acupuncture in the shenmen point has been observed to lessen epileptic activity in the brain cortex.  The levels of neurotransmitters that cause excited states decreased while beneficial neurotransmitters carrying glycine, taurine, and GABA increased during auricular acupuncture.  This showed that epileptic activity was reduced considerably during ear or auricular acupuncture.  Adding herbal medicine to the treatment enhanced the effectiveness of the treatment.  New medications and addictive drugs can trigger seizures in some people and if one has a history of seizures, these factors can easily trigger their seizures.

Scientists have also discovered that the insertion of needles in the acupuncture points on the extremities can also affect the activation of the vagus nerve.  Electro acupuncture clearly causes vagus nerve stimulation or VNS, which is good in controlling epilepsy.  The activation of taurine helps considerably since taurine is a known chemical that helps prevent seizures.  It is not surprising then that many Chinese herbs prescribed for seizures contain high amounts of taurine.  Many more studies are being conducted to know more about the potentialities of acupuncture in treating seizure disorders.  The animal experiments showed very promising results and revealed that acupuncture does affect the chemical processes in the brain in a positive healthy way.  Hope is great that acupuncture might be the solution for treating various kinds of seizure disorders.  Further tests need to be done although past tests have been positive and very encouraging.