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Tai Chi, A Very Sensible Choice For Arthritis Pain Relief

What is Arthritis? Literally meaning “inflammation of the joints,” arthritis is a condition resulting from the degeneration of the cartilage tissues inside the joints, either due to the buildup of uric acid crystals on the lining of the joint or to regular wear and tear associated with process of aging. This is a very disturbing […]
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Acupuncture, A Great Way To Relieve Arthritis Pain

A lot of people who suffer from arthritis tend to experience a severe throbbing pain that can only be assuaged using the most powerful and newest painkillers. Unknown to many, acupuncture for the treatment of arthritis is another great but much safer way to relieve the painful symptoms of arthritis. What is Acupuncture Treatment in […]
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One of the Best Solutions to Arthritis is Acupuncture

Arthritis treatment using acupuncture is now becoming more common although it may seem unsavory to some people to have their skin savagely poked with a few thin and long needles, especially when they already have to worry about the pain caused by their arthritis. This condition is a rheumatoid disease marked by the classic symptoms […]
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Why Acupuncture and Massage Therapy Are Very Popular Treatments for Arthritis

Arthritis is a huge health issue in America affecting around 71 million Americans each year. In fact, it is the most common cause of disability in this country. A complex disease, arthritis can occur at any age and has over a hundred different forms. Among these forms, none is more frequently occurring than rheumatoid arthritis […]
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Symptoms of Arthritis

Arthritis manifests itself in many ways. The initial symptoms you need to know can consist of: Waking up in the morning with your joints all stiffed Increasing pain in your joints when you move Swelling and pain around the joints that can last for two weeks or more General pain Knees cracking when you stand […]
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Arthritis Tests and Diagnosis

Arthritis is a joint condition that can be quite painful and hard to address.  These facts make the proper diagnosis of this disorder imperative to come up with a proper course of treatment to address the pain and inflammation it causes. Fortunately, there are many treatment choices one can avail of for all types of […]
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Arthritis – Lifestyle and Home Remedies

Living a life completely free of arthritis pain may be a pipe dream for arthritis sufferers at this time; however, there are several ways where you can better control your arthritis symptoms and even considerably minimize their flare ups. Some of the lifestyle changes and home remedies to combat arthritis are: Choosing a Good Diet […]
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