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Falun Gong, An Excellent Holistic Practice For Your Spirit, Mind, And Body

Falun Dafa, more popularly known as Falun Gong, is an ancient Chinese practice for the spirit, body, and mind. Its traditional practices is made up meditation and soft, slow movements. It’s an honest structure to refine the three aspects of your being: spirit, body, and mind. The central theme consists of the universal principals of […]
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Tai Chi, A Very Sensible Choice For Arthritis Pain Relief

What is Arthritis? Literally meaning “inflammation of the joints,” arthritis is a condition resulting from the degeneration of the cartilage tissues inside the joints, either due to the buildup of uric acid crystals on the lining of the joint or to regular wear and tear associated with process of aging. This is a very disturbing […]
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The Importance Of A House’s Main Door In Feng Shui

We sometimes use metaphors like “window of opportunity” or “the door to your future” to conjure up a sense of hope and optimism for the future. These sayings stir up all kinds of images and in the world of mysticism, the door is a symbolic portal or gateway to higher consciousness. In a purely physical […]
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The Versatile Treatment Known As Cranio-Sacral Therapy

The system of re-establishing symmetry of joint mobility and soft tissue tension is known as cranio-sacral balancing. This type of therapy is a gentle type of holistic healing technique that originated from Oriental therapies, cranial osteopathy, and bodywork. It practices light touch to assess and treat problems in the cranio-sacral system (i.e. the membranes and […]
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Cranio-Sacral Therapy For Immune Deficiencies, Sinus Disorders, And Migraine Headaches

CST (Cranio-Sacral Therapy) is a gentle manipulation therapy targeting the physiological system of the body known as the cranio-sacral system. This is a system that is made up of the pelvis, the spine, and the bones and soft tissue of the cranium. Massage therapists who use CST also work on the cerebrospinal fluids and membranes […]
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A Precisely Blended Chinese Herbs Promote The Wonderful Feeling Of Health

Chinese medicine adopts an integrative strategy to well-being and health by combining Chi Kung (qi gong), acupressure, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs. For thousands of years, these potent healing remedies have been utilized and are extremely useful for treating a wide range of illnesses, as well as for maintaining and cultivating long-term health. Chinese Herbal Medicine […]
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A Malfunctioning Liver Leads To Irritability, Frustration, And Anger

We usually encounter problems related to mental health issues such as anxiety and depression as well as widespread illnesses, but spending one day out in the big city or having to go through rush hour traffic and it immediately becomes apparent we are also in the center of an epidemic of anger, frustration, and irritability. […]
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Chua K’a Massage Therapy

Chua K’a massage therapy is a technique developed by Oscar Ichazo. Its aim is to eliminate mental, emotional, and physical stress in the body through the concentrated use of ‘conscious realization’ and physical pressure. It is a three part bodywork holistic healing technique of releasing muscle tension and the cleansing and clearing of the emotions […]
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Chinese Nutritional Therapy, One Of The Best Ways To Prevent And Treat Disease

For thousands of years, Chinese nutritional therapy in Cleveland has been used as a way to improve health just as much as herbal medicine. To cure disease and prevent its occurrence, food was used by practitioners and healers for much of human history. This has resulted in the maintenance, preservation, and thriving of the human […]
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Lighter Healthier Chinese Dishes That Won’t Hurt Your Figure

The menus served in Chinese restaurants are infamous for having items that are deep-fried and battered and filled with sugary, salty sauces. The dishes offered are usually massive amounts of fried rice or oily noodles coupled with fatty meats. But there also Chinese foods that are light and can be eaten by people who are […]
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