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Classifying Chinese Foods in Chinese Medicine

In Chinese medicine, a well balanced diet is roughly made up of 20 percent of each of the following five flavors or tastes: salty, spicy, bitter, sour, and sweet. The standard American diet is oftentimes improperly weighted with excessive amounts of sweet tastes and salt. As this type of diet leads to obesity and health […]
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Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Athletes

Prevailing wisdom states nutrition for athletes should consider the specific sport they are preparing for. This is logical since athletic performance for activities based on strength, after all, entails various resources from the body besides endurance-based training. But if you go past that conventional Western wisdom in nutrition and sports medicine, Chinese medicine has a […]
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Labor Acupressure Prepares The Baby And Mother For Very Safe, Painless, and Natural Birth

Developed in Asia more than 5,000 years ago, acupressure is an ancient healing art that deals with the flow of natural energy within the body and with the human body itself. Practitioners of this remedial technique consider the body as a system of energy that strives to alleviate symptoms by freeing obstructed centers of energy […]
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Chinese Herbs That Can Address Kidney Yin or Yang Deficiency

According to Chinese medicine, the kidney is the organ in which the essence of the body is believed to reside. It is also related to the water element. These are the reasons why this organ is behind the excretion of toxins through the process of urination. Some traditional Chinese practitioners poetically refer to the kidneys […]
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Chinese Cupping Therapy Can Be Good For People Who Are Afraid Of Getting Acupuncture

If you might want to consider trying Chinese cupping therapy if you’re experiencing pain in a certain part of your body. This technique is often included by acupuncturists as a complement to acupuncture treatment or as an alternative to it. In ancient China, cupping was originally called “horn therapy.” Today, you can find variations of […]
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Gua Sha Therapy Helps Relieve The Symptoms Of Perimenopause

According to a recent study, a Chinese medicine technique that rubs or scrapes certain parts of the body with a smooth-edged tool may help alleviate vexatious symptoms women suffer from in the years leading up to menopause. As levels of estrogen ebb and flow and begin falling, perimenopause can commence eight to 10 years prior […]
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Caution In The Use Of Acupuncture For The Treatment of Lymphadema

The usually successful techniques of lymphedema treatment include skin care, exercise, compression garment, and lymph drainage therapy. Still, many lymphedema patients are wondering if there are alternative treatments that can provide them relief from their debilitating problem. One such treatment that can be of use to them is acupuncture. For lymphedema sufferers, the risk of […]
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Some Facts About Chinese Herbal Medicine

One very important branch of Chinese medicine is Chinese herbal medicine that utilizes herbal therapies found on the Chinese mainland to resolve various types of health conditions. To distinguish Chinese herbs, you can use unique methods of classification that are customized to the Chinese medicine practice. Experienced practitioners of Chinese herbal classify herbs according to […]
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The Use Of Moxibustion For Pain And Cold Conditions Among Others

Balance was the primary goal of healing for ancient healers. Of course, a person who is weak and cold would require strength and warmth. For this condition, traditional Chinese medicine healers recommend a technique called moxibustion. Moxibustion works by providing the body with deep, penetrating heat to neutralize the underlying cold. Cold usually builds up […]
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Acupressure Is A Great Way To Address Sinus Infections

For sinus infections, one of the latest and effective therapeutic alternatives is acupressure which is being sought after by many people these days. These people are constantly in the search for a treatment option for their sinus infections, which is one of the most commonly occurring health issues in the world. More often than not, […]
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