Massage Cupping Therapy For The Removal Of Cellulite In Your Body

Cellulite can develop from two causes: water that has built up in fat cells and excess fat in those cells. When they enlarge, the fat cells disfigure the skin envelope resulting in an effect known as orange peel.

Through the use of massage cups, you can perform a cupping massage procedure in the comfort of your home softening and stimulating skin tissue and regulating the fatty cells in your body.

The end-result is a softer smoother skin, as well as the gradual and ultimate removal of cellulite.

Massage cupping technique is a very gentle non-invasive bodywork that works on the connective tissue leading to cellulite decrease rejuvenation, and slimming. The positive effects transcend the aesthetic aspects of the therapy and encompass the physiological well-being of the client.

A person using massage cupping therapy for a few minutes each day will witness the slow disappearance of her or his cellulite.

How does massage cupping therapy work?

Cupping massage therapy is a form of deep massage that utilizes negative pressure through vacuum suction causing an increase in lymph and blood flow in the deep lying tissues to the skin surface. The cups help the body expel stagnant lymph, toxins, and waste material by increasing the circulation to the area washing away these adverse elements. Cupping massage therapy enhances dermal respiration the increasing skin elasticity, and its resilience to temperature change. It also helps improve the retracting ability of the muscles.

Cupping massage therapy:

  • Boosts lymphatic and blood flow to the muscles and connective tissues.
  • Bolsters production of elastin and collagen thereby promoting firmness of the skin
  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves blood flow by enhancing the flow of oxygen flow to the cells. This causes inflated cells to start burning their contents making them shrink in size that in turn significantly lessens the rise of cellulite.

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