La-Jin Therapy And The Way Of Nature (Tao)

‘Tao’ generally means ‘The Way’ – Nature’s way. Nature is responsible for the human body. We return to dust and bones (nature) when we die. If it doesn’t follow the way of nature, the human body is going against nature which it depends on to survive. Health problem is the eventual result. The basis of Tao and nature is Yin and Yang. The softer side of nature is yin, which has the negative and female aspects. The harder side of nature is Yang, which carries the positive and “male” aspects. They appear to possess opposing qualities, at first glance. However, as you get to understand it a little better, when these forces are balanced or in harmony, the condition becomes perfect. For instance, hot and cold water, Yin is Cold water and Yang is hot water. We will freeze to death with too much Yin. We will get scalded to death with too much hot Yang. However, we can feel okay and comfortable if we balance the two. Yin and Yang principles are like this. “The Harmony of the Opposites” principle is the “Tao.”

The tree is one fine example. It gets its nourishment from both the atmosphere (Yang) and the ground (Yin). Too much sunlight or excess amount of water can kill the tree eventually. The tree grows and bears fruits, with proper balance of Yin and Yang and will develop and bear fruits.

Just like any other thing, humans come from nature. You suffer when you go against nature. Therefore, we suggest that you live a life style based on the Tao and one that’s balanced. For example, observe the lifestyle of birds. They wake up at the break of dawn, and begin flying off to start their daily activities. As dusk arrives, they go back to their roosting place and sleep at night. This is the lifestyle set for them by nature. They live based upon the principles of the Tao.

Humans are the only species on earth whose lifestyle often times, goes against Nature! We need to also follow the guidelines set for us by nature in order to live a long and healthy life.

La-jin Self-healing Therapy

La-jin therapy needs to have five criteria, for it to work. 

  1. First and foremost, it is FREE!
  2. It’s should be an easy do-it-yourself procedure.
  3. It needs to treat a wide variety of ailments.
  4. It should be safe
  5. It should be easy to learn and simple to perform
  6. It should be effective.

The first method is the “La-jin” position. In Chinese, “La” means to “stretch” and “jin” means “tendons” and “ligaments”. Therefore, La-jin means stretching the tendons and ligaments.

In Cleveland Chinese medicine terminology, there’s a main stretch of “jin” extending from the neck’s top down from the back of the waist, the thighs, heels and stops in the middle of the soles. When the tendons or ligaments do not properly function, they’ll affect several parts of the body, impeding movements and producing pain. In Chinese, this issue is called “Jin suo”, which means atrophy, contraction, or degradation of the mechanisms of “Jin” or the tendons and ligaments.

These are some of the symptoms of Jin Suo:

  • Length inequality of the legs
  • Overextended ligament at the hip joint
  • Short walking steps
  • Pain radiating in the heels
  • Pain and stiffness in the neck
  • Back pain and stiffness
  • Paralysis and pain in the leg
  • Inability to squat down
  • Inability to raise or move the thighs sideways or forward
  • Inability to bend down
  • Lumbar pain and stiffness
  • Inflexibility, pain, numbness, or distention in the knee, elbow, leg, and arm
  • Inability to bend or extend the elbow
  • Atrophy or contraction of La-Jins
  • Difficulty in turning around

How La-jin Self-healing Therapy Works

La-jin boosts sexual ability, eliminates toxins, and alleviates body pain among others. This therapy may cure or, at least, relieve issues such as diabetes; dermatitis; gallbladder and liver problems; cerebrovascular and cardiovascular problems, swelling, numbness, and pain in the feet and hands; gastroenteritis; abdominal problems, and problems in the reproductive and urinary systems.

In Chinese medicine, along the Jin route, there is energy channels called meridians. Any meridian malfunction will cause body pain and also affect the function of the Jin. La-jin repositions the affected areas and restores the tenderness of Jin so that the structure of  the body is rectified, and the energy flows healthily and smoothly so that body discomfort and pain gradually diminish. La-jin can also strengthen the bladder and kidneys. A healthy pair of kidneys can increase human sexual ability and energy.

Try to visualize that your body connected together by a pliable hose that permits the flow of inner energy (known as chi). For people having a problem understanding “Chi,” try to visualize blood flowing through the arteries and veins. This pliable hose may be obstructed for a couple of reasons; one, substances may have build-up in the hose, and two; the hose may be bent or twisted. Either of these reasons, the flow of chi is limited, and every body part is affected, and eventually the system gets stuck. This is exactly what happens to people who experience joint and body pains. The solution is to expel the substances blocking the inside of the hose and to straighten the hose. Pai-da (slapping and patting) can be used to remove the substances and La-jin can help straighten the hose.

The entire body system will be harmonized with Yin and Yang, and chi flow will run smoothly once the Jin is unblocked and straightened. The immune system will be strengthened, and the body rejuvenated. Any adverse impediments or virus will be flushed out immediately, just like a very fast moving stream going where all the debris and impurities are, washing them away to the mouth of a river-mouth into the ocean. The body can once again regain its health.