What Causes Stress?

In order to better control our problem whatever it is, it is good to know that problem well. Some of the problems that crop up in our life are not likely to disappear that easily. More often than not, they will remain.  If we learn more about our problem especially its root cause, we can be in a much better position to tackle that problem well.

Stress in our life often is a problem we need to regularly face.  Everyone can suffer stress at some point in their life and everyone needs to face that problem the best way they can.

What causes stress?

Stress can be caused a great number of factors.  Basically, however, the cause of stress can be grouped in several areas:

  1. One’s work and his workplace is the number one contributor to stress among adults.  It is a rarity to find people who really love their job. Most of us hate our work or would rather not work at all even if our work is considered a dream job by a lot of people.  We spend almost the whole day in our job. Our job requires a certain level of performance and we need to cope up to perform at this level.  Most of the time, this performance level causes pressure especially if we are working with minimal resources at our disposal. The pressure causes stress in our minds.

As if pressure to achieve above or within the level our job requires is not enough, we may still find that our work can start penetrating our life. We may oftentimes find ourselves still working when someone calls us up at home regarding business-related matters. Bringing our work at home can cause stress since it causes our mind to focus on work instead of relaxing.

There are some people who may not be working but that does not exempt them from experiencing stress.  The high demand that our study and our school impose on us can cause high stress in our mind.

  1. Money is an essential requirement if you want to survive living here on earth. And since nothing is for free, the need to make money makes our life inherently stressful. Most people earn wages that are not enough to let them acquire things or people they would love to own or have. We also find that the more we earn the more we spend and the less we earn our spending habits get curtailed.  Advertising can make our spending limitations all the more hard to experience.
  1. Family is a big cause of stress. Most of us love our family members, well, at least some of them.  Existing family problems worsen when we experience work and money problems. If you see that your work/money problems directly affect your family, it can stress you out greatly.
  1. Social factors also are causes of stress.  A bruised ego can cause stress. No one wants to be embarrassed or shamed. Competing in sporting events or any type of competition can entail either winning or losing an event. When we lose, our stress level goes up regardless if one graciously accepts the loss or not. Envy can also cause restlessness and stress in the affected person.  Automobile traffic causes unbelievable stress to most people. Being discriminated at makes you feel all stressed out.

As you can see there are many factors that can cause stress.  It is almost impossible to avoid stress.  The important thing, however, is to learn and understand the causes of stress in our life.  Being aware of what causes stress and knowing how to anticipate it will make us better prepared to deal with it


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