Drug Addiction Risk Factors

Some of the following factors are what causes people to likely become addicted to drugs

Domestic Problems/Home Troubles – An unhappy home breeds a lot of sociopathic behavior including drug addiction in Overland Park. If you grow up in a troubled home you have a high chance to develop a drug problem. Mental or physical trauma whether experienced vicariously or personally can compel a person to seek recourse to drugs.

Mental and emotional problems – People who suffer from attention deficit disorder, anxiety or depression, anxiety are at high risk to become drug addicts. They will use drugs to help feel better.

Social problems – People who find it hard to make friends and those who do poorly at school or work might seek drugs to veer their mind off their problems.

Wrongs “friends”/ Peer pressure – These are people who will pressure you to take illegal drugs. They might even be a family member who may or may not take drugs.

Being initiated to drugs at a young age – Using drugs at a young age may likely be a factor in being addicted to them during adulthood.

Your physiology – There are people who are predisposed to drug addiction because of their body makeup. Some people may abhor these drugs after using them once but there will be others who will find using them enjoyable.

Family history – A blood relative living before or presently who were/are drug addicts may be an indication that drug addiction may run in your family and make you a high risk to being addicted to drugs.

Gender – Men are more at risk to being addicted to drugs than women.