Ways to Smoking Cessation

There are some helpful procedures you can avail of to rid yourself of physical and psychological reliance on nicotine.  Oftentimes, especially with conventional treatments, the physical aspect of smoking is only addressed. This can be seen in nicotine patches and nicotine gums where the mental aspect of the addiction is ignored.  Nicotine addiction is more of a psychological problem than it is a physical one.  Cigarette smokers often do not succeed in battling their nicotine craving.  It seems a formidable problem.  The trick is to take little steps forward and help the body adjust incrementally to the weaning out process of nicotine rather than quitting cold turkey.  A few are successful but it takes a great deal of willpower to be successful in permanently quitting cold turkey.

People who earnestly want to rid of their dependency can often be overeager; they want to experience dramatic changes ASAP and desire their withdrawal stage to be over with immediately.  In reality, it takes a great deal of patience to be successful in stopping smoking.  People who have successfully kicked the habit out of their lives know that this process takes time and self- discipline and do not look at the difficulty of the process.  Each minute, hour or day you forego your smoking is a step towards ending that habit.  Hypnotherapists can put suggestions in your subconscious designed to make you abhor smoking from its taste and look to its smell.  You can do self-hypnosis and it is safe to use as it does not entail any intake of prescription drugs.  Hypnosis reinforces and assists the will of the person to view smoking in a negative light.  Even withdrawal symptoms can be manipulated in the brain to facilitate this necessary weaning out process.  Researchers have reinforced hypnotherapy’s reputation as being an effective approach to smoking cessation and people who have successfully undergone this treatment are less likely to regress.

Acupuncture Overland Park on the other hand has been around longer than most existing therapies today and it is a helpful way in cigarette smoking cessation.  This procedure is an ancient and uniquely Chinese modality that applies ultra thin non hollow needles inserted at so-called pressure points located at various on the body.  As with hypnotists, the practitioners of acupuncture target on the area of the brain that governs withdrawal discomforts cravings and dependence.

Reports reveal that acupuncture totes a very high 85% to 90% success rate when dealing with mitigation of a nicotine addict’s physical and emotional cravings. Acupuncture has this ability because it helps neutralize the withdrawal symptoms and patients do feel tranquil and relaxed during and after an acupuncture treatment – this benefit can usually last longer when metal balls are attached to certain pressure points on the ear.