Acupuncture Orlando for Post Partum Depression

Childbirth is one of the most meaningful events in some people’s lives.  However, after this process, some women suffer from a unique condition known as post partum depression.  An overwhelming feeling of sadness can affect women after a day or two after birth.  The hormones needed for pregnancy suddenly stop being produced and released in the bloodstream and the new mother becomes aware that her life has added another responsibility to her once “free” life.   Post partun depression affects around 80% of new mothers; 13% of these women may develop this condition a few weeks after delivering a child.

Postpartum depression is one typical condition that traditional Chinese medicine can effectively address.  In general, acupuncture sees postpartum depression as stemming from imbalances in certain hormones.  Instead of insisting that postpartum depression is of a psychological origin, acupuncturists focus on the correction of hormonal irregularities before, during and after pregnancy.  It treats the factors that have caused menstrual abnormalities and helps prevent their recurrences in the future.  Acupuncture assists the recuperative abilities of the body to help restore the normal cycle of a woman’s ovulation and overall hormonal function.  These are all done with the goal of curing her postpartum depression.  One of acupuncture’s benefits is to reenergize the body by improving the blood circulation in the body and to infuse it with blood and much needed nutrients to make it more healthy and energized.  Another benefit acupuncture brings to the woman in fighting postpartum depression is that it greatly lessens, stress, anxiety and depression and all other kinds of extreme negative emotions.  It actually is a very relaxing and comforting treatment and most patients often fall asleep during treatment due to the soothing effect of this therapy.  It also is a great treatment for perineal pain, backaches and all sorts of pain and discomfort arising from childbirth.  Acupuncture Orlando is a highly recommended therapy for new mothers who feel so down after giving birth to a child.

One other remedy for post partum depression is good nutrition.  Oftentimes the foods we eat do not give us enough energy and nutrients that help us to feel active and happy.  Good nutrition is also very important for the mother since the nutrients they take in will also be taken in by her baby through her own milk.  Breast milk is considered the healthiest food ever and it is this food that greatly determines the health of the baby throughout the baby’s life.  A baby fully or at least fed adequately with breast milk by her mother will grow up to be a healthy and active individual.  It is very important that the mother eat nutrient rich foods and a balanced diet rich in vegetables and fruits and very low in caffeine and sugar.   At a minimum, a proper diet can lessen her mood swings.