The Benefit of Electromagnetic Acupuncture Jacksonville for Stroke Patients

Some studies were done in Japan and China recording the patients who had suffered from stroke and had acupuncture Jacksonville treatments not long after the stroke and of patients not given any acupuncture treatment.  The patients who had received acupuncture therapy regained the use of their impaired faculties quicker than those not given the treatment.  Even if not considered a type of mainstream treatment, acupuncture, nevertheless keeps rising in popularity not only in the United States but in the whole world as well.  This treatment indeed has something to show having been an effective treatment for many kinds of disorders for the Chinese for thousands of years.

With the advance of modern technology, there are now portable electromagnetic gadgets that provide acupuncture point or acupoint therapy, using electromagnetic pulses applied to certain points in the hands and not needing the use of any needles whatsoever.  This type of acupuncture therapy is considered very good for stroke patients.

A stroke is a condition that affects the brain.  Stroke is caused by a blood clot in the artery, which prevents blood to flow from the brain.  Stroke can also be caused by a ruptured blood vessel, which causes blood clot causing blockage in the blood flow to the brain.  A stroke can result in the death of brain cells and a high probability of brain damage.  With brain damage, other body functions can be permanently damaged as well.  The usual functions affected by stroke are movement, speech and memory.

Some people are lucky being able to recover after a stroke with little or no impairment in body functions.  Major strokes usually cause a part of the body to be permanently paralyzed or can cause permanent loss of speech.  With a lot of patience, effort, understanding and time, physical therapy and medications can aid in restoring some sort of physical ability to the affected parts of the body.

Electromagnetic acupuncture treatment works by using the hands as areas to locate meridians that can treat an affected part.  Each meridian is connected to a major organ in the body.  Stroke patients particularly have meridians that are difficult to locate as the stroke may have rendered useless important meridians, which could have been used for the treatment of stroke symptoms.  Nevertheless, treating other specific meridians can improve circulation to the affected areas, easing numbness and pain in those areas as well as improving mobility to the affected areas.

Electromagnetic acupuncture makes it easier to stimulate the production of endorphins in the body for relieving pain and helping the body to relax.  The electromagnetic energy of these gadgets helps dilate blood vessels providing much needed blood and nutrients to flow to the affected areas lowering the risk of blood clots and therefore a recurrence of the stroke.