The Benefit of Acupuncture New York for Anxiety

While modern pharmaceutical technology has provided us with modern drugs, they still are far behind the expectations of many patients suffering from pain and disorders that already were known to exist even during ancient times.  Treatments for panic attacks, depression or anxiety in the form of acupuncture, a 4000 year-old treatment is much superior to the ones offered by modern pharmaceutical companies.  What’s more, acupuncture New York provides treatment not only for the symptoms of panic attacks, anxiety and depression but treats the root cause of these emotional disorders as well.

Acupuncture, which is based on eastern philosophies of naturalism and Taoism believes that the body and mind are inseparably connected and function in harmony with each other.  Sicknesses can result in an imbalance caused by external and internal factors that disrupt the energy harmony of the body.  In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), these factors can be seen in the elements of cold, heat and wind.   Internal factors that affect body health are the extreme emotions of worry, fear, sadness and anger.

Acupuncture is all about helping the body find a way to heal itself.  One obvious way of aiding the body to heal is to remove these negative strong emotions and replace them with a feeling of comfort, relaxation and tranquility; if the body mind is at peace and calm, the body can devote its energy to heal the physical problems of the individual.

Anxiety is an extreme negative emotion, which comes with varying degrees of severity.  A common cause of anxiety is a reaction to new situations, like being apprehensive or tense at facing or tackling any type of situation (example is making a speech in public). Some anxieties can be inordinate unjustified reactions to particular situations.  For people suffering from constant anxiety, acupuncture is a very good way relieve them of this problem.  The symptoms of an anxiety attack include headaches, vomiting, chest pains, shallow breathing and rapid heartbeat among others.  Examining both the pulse and the tongue of the patient can enable the acupuncturist to determine what type of anxiety the patient is suffering from.

For TCM, the kidney and heart organs generate several conditions of anxiety.  In TCM, the kidney is known as the water organ, which is yin that balances the yang (fire or energy principle) of the heart.  The yang energy of the heart is the energy that supplies yang energy to the whole body.  Acupuncture treatment determines the type of disharmony in the body and then restores balance and harmony to the body.

A typical acupuncture treatment for anxiety may merely take a session or two with the whole treatment lasting a few months.  The length of the whole treatment depends on the type of imbalance the patient suffers from.