Menopause Prevention

There are certain cognitive modifications some women may experience during and after menopause.  Women in this natural phase of their life are likely to suffer some degree of memory loss especially one particular type of memory loss psychologists call “working memory”. Working memory is a person’s ability to digest new information and use it. Examples of working memory is remembering the amount of calories you ate during dinner, breakfast, etc. or the ability to compute arithmetic equations mentally.  Besides this, some menopausal women will now find it difficult to stay focused as well.

In addition to problems with memory, some women in menopause often suffer from anxiety or depression and start to have problems sleeping or in sex.

Happily, there are many things you can do to lessen the problems associated with menopause. One way to improve memory is to do mental workouts and play brain games like Cluedo, Sudoku, crossword puzzles, charades and other games that stimulate memory function.

Other ways to prevent the symptoms of menopause from occurring can entail keeping your place quiet most of the time to help you get some sleep. Shut off your TV set before you sleep to prevent your thoughts from racing.  If you find it hard to sleep consult with your doctor if supplements, black cohosh or melatonin can make you get some good adequate sleep.

Cut down on your intake of caffeine especially in the early morning to make your brain sharp.
Try not to worry about anyone so that you don’t get too sad, fearful, worried or stressed out. Indulge in your favorite hobby to make your time as enjoyable as possible.

Try to stay always fit by doing aerobic exercises on a regular basis. These will help prevent musculoskeletal weakness during menopause. If you can’t do them everyday, try doing them at least two or three times a week. Use weights along with your aerobic exercise.  Doing so tones and strengthens the muscles.  If you can, try to workout as many muscle groups as possible since physical endurance and strength is vital to offset menopausal symptoms and changes to the body associated with menopause.

Other ways to attain good coordination, balance and flexibility is through passive exercises like yoga, light workout like stretching exercises as well as intense exercises like Pilates at least once or two times in a week to offset the changes of the muscles during menopause. You can also perform cardio workouts and breathing techniques to attain overall good health today and for the rest of your life as well.

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