How To Apply Qi Gong In Your Life

Chi Kung or Qi Gong is a multimillennial-old type of body posture and movement that cleanses, bolsters, and increases the flow of vital energy known as chi or qi in the body via gentle movement and meditation. Documents in China dating back thousands of years show that Qi Gong has been practiced as far back as the 6th century B.C. Today, hundreds of thousands of Americans perform this activity mainly for health reasons and for meditating. Qi Gong works by increasing and controlling the flow of chi in the body.

This activity’s mystical and controlled movements allow the practitioner to discharge electrical energy onto others so long as they are in control of their chi. Qigong practitioners develop this gift by undergoing a set of meditative exercises. Some exercises may be as short as a five minute set while some may be too long and some can be too difficult to memorize. The redundant and simple exercises are fortunately, the ones people most frequently use.

Qigong’s healing technique is a measure of self-maintenance. It develops and cultivates both focus/concentration and will power. The activities are a blend of focused intent, concentration, and visualization that helps chi energy to flow uninterrupted throughout the body. Qi Gong also helps practitioners develop their will power even more and promote a much more resolute focus. Each practice permits the body and mind to attain higher levels of consciousness. The abilities achieved hone these same skills even when the practitioners are not performing Qi Gong.

Once it’s mastered, Qi Gong enables a person to integrate a number of highly desired skills into their lives. A few extremely skilled practitioners have the ability to tap into the power of qi to provide healing at a distance or near people. Some master practitioners have developed the ability to experience telekinesis, clairvoyance, and out of body experiences. For a master of qigong, it is not uncommon to see them heal people, start fires, or move objects at a distance.

Several studies have revealed that the performance and understanding of Qi Gong also helps increase intelligence. This technique has been shown to help develop the nerve tracts between the brain hemispheres giving the practitioner the ability to make use of 100 percent of his brain function. This enables the practitioner to fully use the creative and logical aspects of the mind and to create amazing lucid patterns of thinking and extremely sophisticated problem solving skills. Scientific studies have also shown that during meditation, the brain’s wave patterns get altered until only the alpha wave exists. This type of wave frequency is the best frequency in which to perform a number of psi tasks and to optimize learning.

Additional studies have shown the Qi Gong is the best way to develop psychic skills in children. Perhaps, this is because children still breathe mainly through their abdomen which is a requirement when performing Qi Gong and the children still have not been taught to breathe in another way. Researchers conducted a test involving a piece of paper that contained a Chinese letter written on the paper. The paper was crumpled into a ball. The researchers gave the paper ball to a child and without opening the ball to see the word that was in it, the child was told to read the letter in his thoughts. A stunning 60 percent of the children were able to read the letter accurately.

Qi Gong not only helps you to relax by learning its simple and basic practices, it can also expand the powers of your mind. This applies to goal achievement, happiness, health, and business.

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