Acupuncture New York for Weight Loss

It is interesting to know that acupuncture New York can aid one to lose unwanted kilos.  Acupuncture is a 5000-year-old form of traditional Chinese medicine that has treated the Chinese people of various illnesses and disorders throughout the millennia.  Acupuncture is the practice of piercing hair thin, non-hollow, stainless steel needles in certain parts of the body to treat a particular ailment.  The main aim of these needles is to normalize and establish unhindered flow of vital energy called chi all throughout the body.  Acupuncture is a natural form of treatment and assists the body into healing itself.  Thus, it is a very good way to lose weight and because it is natural, it does not cause any side effects, which weight-reducing drugs usually do.  Acupuncture is not a one-day wonder treatment and losing weight through it may take several sessions.  Still there are benefits one can get from it that go beyond aesthetically looking prim and proper.  Acupuncture is a holistic type of treatment; this means it heals the physical, mental and emotional issues of the individual.  This is ideal for weight loss since weight gain or obesity may be rooted in a psychological or emotional cause.  Acupuncture then is truly an effective way of losing weight.

Besides enabling one to shed weight, acupuncture also improves the digestive function of the body.  It enhances blood flow to the abdomen and spleen to better digestion and improve food ingestion and processing.  This results in more nutrition being absorbed by the body, which means a healthier body.

In TCM, an efficient digestive system allows chi to travel efficiently throughout the body.  Since more nutrients are absorbed by the body, the body feels satiated easily making the need for inordinate amounts of food intake unnecessary.  Acupuncture also normalizes bowel function and for women regulates or normalizes the menstrual cycle.  This means less PMS symptoms such as tiredness, mood swings and less accumulation of toxins in the blood – factors that can cause weight gain or obesity.  Many people over eat when they are experiencing extreme stress or high or low emotions.  Western medical science has discovered that acupuncture stimulates the release of endorphins in the body. When one is satisfied, relaxed, comfortable or eating one’s favorite dessert, that is the endorphins working in one’s body.  Endorphins are the body’s “feel good” chemicals that allow one to feel happy and relaxed.  When one is in a state of relaxation and comfort and happiness, one is less likely to overeat. Thus, in a way, acupuncture is a positive “suppressor” of cravings.

Apart from acupuncture, one needs to do regular exercises to allow the body to stay fit and healthy.  Acupuncture gives one added energy and vitality to do these activities.