Acupuncture Orlando for Infertility Cases

Childbirth is often a remarkable experience for a woman but there are many instances nowadays of women who sadly experience infertility problems.  Infertility is the incapacity of a person to bear a child through sexual intercourse.  Infertility strikes one of out six women and is not only limited to the female species.  With the advance of medical technology and science, female infertility now only accounts for 40% of total infertility cases.  The most common causes of female infertility are obstructed fallopian tubes, menstrual ad ovulation issues, and endometriosis.  Among the numerous infertility therapy choices options available, acupuncture is among the safest and most effective treatment there is today.

For those skeptics who think acupuncture Orlando is mere quackery, the remarkable success of acupuncture in treating a number of fertility disorders has seemed to silence even the most rabid unbeliever.  It is an enduring testament of its effectiveness that acupuncture is used as an adjunct or complementary modality for those undergoing In Vitro Fertilization therapy because of acupuncture’s known benefit of keeping the endometrium healthy, which an important factor in the IVF process.  Acupuncture is effective in treating infertility problems where the cause is functional rather than structural.  Examples of functional problems are irregular menstruation or hormonal imbalance while a structural problem would be something like a blocked fallopian tube.  With the advancement of modern acupuncture treatments, someday medical advancements in acupuncture treatment may lead to a discovery or invention of a way or technique where even the structural problems of infertility will be addressed by acupuncture.

As mentioned prior, acupuncture helps regulate and balance the body’s hormonal system.  The hormones that make for a conducive pregnancy are regulated properly to make conception possible and with the ability of acupuncture to stimulate the release of endorphins, the woman’s body experiences a state of well-being, which greatly raises the chances of pregnancy very well.  Acupuncture enhances blood flow and this helps in ovulation.  The blood flow nourishes the reproductive organs that may have been undernourished prior to acupuncture.  Most of the time, herbal medicines are also introduced together with acupuncture treatment.  Traditional Chinese medicine has a wide plethora of herbal concoctions for almost every specific medical need and there are indeed varieties of herbal treatments for infertility.

For acupuncture therapy to be long lasting and truly effective, proper dietary habits and a good lifestyle should also be followed.  Acupuncture therapy for infertility cases is safe and effective especially in the hands of an experienced and able acupuncturist.  It is advisable that one needs to ask for recommendations for a good acupuncturist from one’s own healthcare provider or even from trusted friends and relatives.  It is best to consult with an acupuncturist who specializes in infertility and pregnancy cases.