Acupuncture Spokane for Back Pain

Acupuncture Spokane is acknowledged to provide relief from the symptoms of back pain.  Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical therapy well-known in many parts of the world.  It has been used by the Chinese as a treatment for many ailments for several millennia and has a good track record not only in China but in the West as well of treating many types of pain, illnesses and diseases.  Acupuncture is basically the application of sterile hair-thin needles inserted into the body at certain points which are manipulated by the acupuncturist to elicit the needed stimulus and response.

Acupuncture relies on the opposing but complementary forces of yin and yang and the free flow of the life force called chi to explain its working principles.  Acupuncture, unlike pain medications or other therapies gives immediate and long lasting relief from back pain and is considered a safe treatment for it.  Each patient reacts to acupuncture treatment differently.  There are those who receive immediate benefit from it while others may have to undergo three or more sessions before the treatment kicks in.  The acupuncturist sees to it that safety and hygienic procedures are implemented always.  Needles, in particular, need to be sterile and used only once.  Needles should be in unopened packages before the treatment begins.

How does acupuncture act as an effective pain relief?  Acupuncture needles are manipulated by the acupuncturist at certain strategic points to stimulate the brain to release the body’s natural opioids or painkillers known as endorphins and enkephalins.  When released in the body, these chemicals give the patient a feeling of well-being and relaxation.  The patient experiences a delightful, happy sensation, which helps to neutralize the pain.  This has been studied and proven in many clinical tests over the years to be true for a great majority of acupuncture treatments where the main issue is pain management.

For back pains caused by structural problems like a slipped vertebral disk, acupuncture is effective in relieving the pain discomfort, not the root of the problem itself.  However, when it comes to cases like muscle spasms or strain, acupuncture does treat the problem completely.  Normally, for problems like a slipped disc, the acupuncturist will refer the patient to a chiropractor or a back surgeon.  The acupuncturist would know beforehand, by studying the patient’s medical history, talking with the patient and physical examination if the patient’s problem is viable with acupuncture or if another medical professional needs to be consulted.

Some individuals who are not qualified to administer acupuncture should not try to use themselves or others as experiments.  For people who are bleeders, it is best to remind the acupuncturist of one’s propensity to bleed since acupuncture may be contraindicated as a treatment for bleeders.