Acupressure Massage Procedure To Improve Vision

One branch of the ancient Chinese healing system is acupressure, a form of massage that is at least 5,000 years old. This very old natural technique, in general, has been known to help relieve stress and pain and promote better circulation that enhances the flow of blood to all organs throughout the body for optimal well being and health. Acupressure in Cleveland involves the use of massage techniques on specific points in the body. Each point is associated with a specific organ. For example, the hands have certain pressure points that correspond to the kidneys while other points correspond to the heart. So, by administering these massage procedures to the related pressure points, one can boost circulation to that specific organ which then improves physical health. Fortunately, anyone can administer these acupressure techniques to improve the health of their eyes and alleviate eye strain related to long hours of close up work.

The following is a sample of an eye exercise that anyone can perform based on these principles. This exercise is known as the Acupressure Massage Procedure to Improve Vision. It will describe the process of how to administer this procedure and the benefits it provides for better eyesight.

This exercise is done by massaging the four vital acupressure points on the area around the eyes.

We start by pressing the upper area of the nose for five seconds using both our middle fingers and then release. Then, we apply pressure to the point found at the arch of our eyebrows in the hollow of that bone using our two middle fingers. Apply pressure on this point for five seconds and then release. Then, move on by pressing in a firm manner the areas of the eye sockets’ outer edges and hold that pressure for about five 5 seconds and then release. You can then conclude the exercise by applying pressure on the middle of both areas just below the eyelids around each eyes’ bony sockets. Hold for five seconds and then release.

You can derive a variety of benefits from this acupressure eye exercise. It certainly helps relieve tension in the eye muscles, and treats eye strain and stress. If you’re working in front of a computer and are used to doing a lot of close up work that causes eye strain, this technique can be especially helpful for you. From this vantage point, this method can come in handy as it can bring relief from eye strain related to lengthy computer use. In addition, it increases circulation to the blood vessels of your eyes. This can help address a lot of eye problems associated with weak circulation in the visual system and enhance eyesight. This acupressure eye exercise is certainly a helpful technique that rectifies this problem.

This exercise technique, in general, is part of the ancient Chinese healing art that has been known to address a variety of physical health conditions. It is achieved by performing massage techniques on the pressure point areas related to certain organs to resolve health problems and improve conditions in those specific areas. The Acupressure Massage Procedure to Improve Vision is a feature of this traditional healing art that releases tension and stress in the visual system and ultimately, improves circulation in the blood vessels of the eyes for better vision.