A Bell’s Palsy Patient Talks About His Experience With Acupuncture

Eric was a patient of mine suffering from Bell’s palsy. Here is a short interview of how he felt about acupuncture in Linwood before and after treatment.

Dr. Califf: What was your life like before acupuncture?

Eric: Well, it wasn’t very good. I was a full-blown patient of Bell’s palsy and I was not doing very well. No matter what kind of medications I took or doctors I see, my condition remain untreated. My face and many of my faculties were not functioning at all. So I decided to see an acupuncturist near my area, and he began me on my journey of acupuncture.

I’m happy to say that after five weeks of regular treatments, multiple times a week, every faculty of my face, as a result of Bell’s palsy, was restored to full function and it’s as you see it today.

Dr. Califf: Wow that’s phenomenal, how did you hear about us?

Eric: You are a referral from a physician who highly recommended acupuncture. His wife had been a Bell’s palsy patient and he believed in you and your ability to help me immensely.

Dr. Califf: Oh, that’s great to hear, thank you so much for those kind words. Now, if you could just go into a couple of the symptoms that you are having before just to let everybody know.

Eric: They were classic Bell’s palsy symptoms. They were the paralysis of one side of my face, the left side. I had lost my sense of taste, my ability to speak clearly, my left eye would not close. Everything was paralyzed. I had pain in the ear bone above my left ear and I had a complete inability to chew or process food, so I was drinking out of a straw.

I was unable to talk, unable to close my eyes and unable to eat regular food.

Dr. Califf: And in just five weeks, all of your symptoms were gone.

Eric: Every one of them, one at a time, he started to return to normality. But that was multiple times a week. So, it was a very dedicated and consistent application of acupuncture.

Dr. Califf: and what are your thoughts on the treatments, like how they went if you were to tell someone who’s questioning or wondering if they should try this? What would you tell them?

Eric: I would say that I was very frightened because I was unaware of what acupuncture was. Dr. Califf was exceptional in his bedside manners and sort of walking me through and making me comfortable so that I didn’t have to be afraid. We started off gently and just went into the complete treatment. I found out that not only was it easy that I actually enjoyed it. It was relaxing, the lights were dimmed, the music was put on and I was able just to be very tranquil and that helped in a very large way the effectiveness of the treatment.

Dr. Califf: Wow, thank you for sharing this and we were just so proud of how far you’ve come along with this and I’m just so happy that we’ve been able to help you. We really appreciate your time in sharing this with everybody.

Eric: Thank you. I couldn’t endorse acupuncture and Dr. Califf, enough.