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Cupping Therapy For Aches And Pains

Cupping is an ancient Chinese medicine practice to help stimulate blood circulation. One aspect of the therapy is that you do get some bruising. You’ll probably see some redness develop from the cups and that’s just as the cups are drawing blood to the surface. You would experience a little bit of bruising but it’s […]
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Massage Cupping Therapy For The Removal Of Cellulite In Your Body

Cellulite can develop from two causes: water that has built up in fat cells and excess fat in those cells. When they enlarge, the fat cells disfigure the skin envelope resulting in an effect known as orange peel. Through the use of massage cups, you can perform a cupping massage procedure in the comfort of […]
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Cupping Therapy And The Olympics

The titans at the last Olympics have never failed to amaze. We are smitten with admiration, wonder, and awe for the unbelievable levels of sustained laser focus, brutal training, and genius-level skills shown by those who ascended to Olympian heights. And then there are individuals like Usain Bolt, Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, Michael Phelps, and […]
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Cupping Therapy As A Complement To Acupuncture And Massage

Cupping therapy is a technique of vacuuming and suctioning areas of the meridian system of the body in order to draw out toxins, control pain, increase blood flow, help a person relax, and facilitate a smoother movement of qi energies. Originally attributed to Chinese civilization, the beginnings of cupping is actually unknown. It is a […]
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Cupping Therapy As A Way To Relieve Or Cure The Symptoms Of Eczema

An ancient form of Chinese healing, just like acupuncture, cupping therapy in Bellingham is a technique that uses glass or plastic cups as well as suction balls that are placed against your skin in order to create a vacuum. The vacuum sucks up your skin causing local congestion, and dilates the energy channels (known as […]
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The Several Health Benefits Provided By Cupping Therapy

Every human being who has ever lived has at one time or another experienced at least one form of body pain. Basically, pain is the body’s way of telling you that you suffer from some kind of imbalance or disorder brought about by certain internal or external causes. From the dawn of history to the […]
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