Cupping Therapy As A Way To Relieve Or Cure The Symptoms Of Eczema

An ancient form of Chinese healing, just like acupuncture, cupping therapy in Bellingham is a technique that uses glass or plastic cups as well as suction balls that are placed against your skin in order to create a vacuum. The vacuum sucks up your skin causing local congestion, and dilates the energy channels (known as meridians) in your body. These meridians, from the viewpoint of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, are the pathways from which energy flows and enters. Illnesses and diseases occur when the meridian channels are blocked. Opening up the meridians helps accelerate recovery and leads to healing.

Apparently, cupping therapy has shown to have several benefits to the skin. It stimulates the skin tissues causing them to free up toxins. This detoxification process can vastly improve the health of the varicose veins as it prevents and treats blood clotting in the veins, capillaries, and arteries. One more important thing about this therapy is its ability to stimulate the lymphatic system – the body system that creates antibodies to help combat diseases.

That being said, cupping therapy has also been shown to be an effective alternative treatment for eczema, boils, and other skin diseases. This is mainly due to the fact that therapy has the ability to eliminate pathogens from the skin – pathogens which are also responsible for triggering an eczema flare-up. The method also enhances blood purification and circulation. According to some theories certain forms of eczema are due to problems in blood circulation. This can mean that cupping therapy can just be the exact cure for eczema related to poor blood flow.

During a cupping procedure, the glass or plastic cups are applied on specific areas of your body. These acupoints for eczema are found right above your ankle, at your spinal cord’s upper tip, just below the patella or kneecap, near your navel. When the glass or plastic cups are applied in these areas, it generates a relaxing and calming sensation throughout your body. This is exactly what one would expect to get out of this procedure. It may cause you to fall asleep during the procedure and when you wake, you feel more energized and refreshed than ever before.

If you are suffering from eczema, cupping therapy is one alternative therapy that’s worth trying since conventional medicine actually has no cure for eczema. In fact, the best thing that doctors can do right now for your problem is to just minimize the discomfort this disease brings on people. That’s it. Right now, there’s no Western medical treatment that would minimize the eczema outbreaks that tend to occur from time to time. The best solution at the moment is to combine the positive effects of alternative therapies with modern science to treat or even totally cure eczema.