Back Pain – Preparing for your Appointment

To get the best possible outcome when you visit your doctor for an appointment regarding your back pain, you will need to participate actively in your treatment process which the doctor’s appointment is but the start.  Maximizing your appointment time will end up leaving you satisfied and well-informed. To maximize your appointment, then you will need to write down any of your concerns as well as your symptoms and be able to relay them to your physician. If you are taking any medications, prescription or non-prescription or vitamin supplements make a list of them and give the list to your physician. You may also want to include in your notes or journal your exercise and diet habits.  These are information that may be important to your physician in helping resolve your back problem and pain.

If you come for an appointment for your back pain, you may need to wear appropriate clothing and underwear including some exercise gear. Your physician or health provider will need to see and feel your back in order to address your back problem successfully.

Besides making a list of what you want to ask your doctor, you can bring a pen and a pad along since you and your doctor will eventually be discussing treatment strategies to take care of your sports injury and back pain.

If you have other questions not listed in your list, be sure to ask them to your physician.

In order to mitigate the pain while waiting for your doctor’s appointment you can apply a heat compress to your back or take a hot bath for short periods of time to help relax the muscles and enhance circulation. Utilizing a cold pack on your back can also bring about some relief from the pain. Refrain from doing any activity that increases the pain.

Before your appointment you can also educate your self more by reading materials regarding your back pain. You can study and get to know about your diagnosis and treatment plan. You can observe your symptoms and find articles online about them to have a clearer understanding of your condition and its possible treatment plan. The articles can give you insights on how to tackle your back pain even before your visit to your doctor. Here are some questions you can ask your doctor regarding your back pain:

  • What do you think is the cause of my back pain?
  • What are the things I can do myself that can help treat or lessen my back pain?
  • What other measures can you recommend to prevent my back pain from recurring at least lessen its frequency?
  • How long is the treatment plan?
  • How can I best take care of my back pain if I’m suffering from other conditions?
  • If you will prescribe medications, what are their possible side effects?
  • What kind of treatment plan do you recommend?

The things you may expect from your physician

The doctor will need to ask you some questions to get to know the nature of the back pain you’re suffering from. Be sure to answer these questions truthfully and honestly so a proper diagnosis and best treatment plan can be implemented. You can take your time answering some of these questions.

  • Are you at present being treated or just recently have been treated from other kinds of medical conditions?
  • What are the treatments or self-help procedures that you have tried for your back pain? Have any of these proved effective?
  • Are you usually able to sleep well?
  • How much stress or pain do you feel every day?
  • How often do you feel depressed or sad?
  • Do you exercise on a regular basis?  If yes, what kind of exercises do you perform?
  • Does your work entail doing any heavy physical activity?
  • Besides your back pain, do you suffer from any symptoms or signs?
  • How painful is your back pain? Does it greatly affect your daily activities?
  • How frequently do you experience your back pain?
  • When did you first felt your back pain?



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