Why Chinese Medicine Is A Perfect Way to Cure Genital Herpes and HPV Infections

Qualified Chinese medicine practitioners and acupuncturists in Overland Park use medicinal Chinese herbs and acupuncture to successfully heal patients suffering from genital herpes. This article will show why Chinese herbs and acupuncture are effective treatments for genital herpes.

What is Genital Herpes?

Caused by an infection of the herpes simplex virus, genital herpes is a disease affecting a person’s virginal area. This virus affects around a fifth of 30-year old females in the United States. Each year, there are about 20% of adults in this country who have this condition. This disease can be transferred by sexual or skin to skin contact. Genital herpes may fester and eventually affect other parts of the body, especially the skin, fingers, and eyes, and in some occasions, the internal organs and the brain if it is not treated immediately. In one year, a sufferer may experience around 2 – 4 recurrences of this condition.

Medications used to treat genital herpes include Farmciclovir (Famvir), Valacyclovir (Valtrex), and Acyclovir (Zovirax). They are directly applied over the lesion or orally taken. These drugs are often not 100% effective particularly if the patient has a chronic case of genital herpes infection.

Genital Herpes Treatment Using Chinese Medicine

For patients with genital herpes, the good news is that Chinese medicine can actually cure their infection. Chinese medicine can help relieve the pain, eliminate the skin lesion and rash, and kill the virus. Besides that, Chinese medicine also strengthens the body and the patient’s constitution to help prevent the recurrence of this disease. The fact is, Chinese medicine provides the patient with more benefits compared to Western modes of treatment. Moreover, Chinese medicine works efficiently and quickly for sufferers of genital herpes.

Genital herpes, according to Chinese medicine, is the result of dampness and heat invading the gallbladder and liver meridians and organ systems. In order to treat the condition, the acupuncturist/ practitioner first removes the dampness and heat by using a Chinese herbal formula to clear the conditions in the body. A formula known as Long dan Hsie gan Tang can be used. This formula possesses anti viral attributes and is used to remove dampness and heat from the gallbladder and liver which effectively kills the virus.

Factors such as seasonal changes, menstrual changes, fatigue, stress, and constitutional weakness can result in frequent or chronic herpes outbreak. To resolve the problem and to strengthen the kidney, practitioners may use an herbal remedy known as Hseng Chi Fu Sheng Hwan. To boost spleen qi, a remedy called Bu Shong Yi Chi Wancan can be given to the patient. Both these remedies are ideal ways to prevent the recurrence of the infection and to bolster immunity.

A Chinese herb known as Sarcandrae is a powerful plant that can control or kill and the herpes virus. It is so effective in curing HPV and genital herpes infections that people call it a “miracle herb.”

The Herba Sarcandrae plant often takes effect after 2 to 3 days. The rash and pain is relieved and it works for both chronic (longstanding) or acute infections. After one to a couple of weeks, the symptoms all clear up. This herb is sought after by a lot of genital herpes patents who have used all other types of conventional treatment without success.

Ironically, no scientific study has ever proved that the Herba sarcandrae can cure herpes. This is refuted by numerous clinical evidences and patients who have been cured of their infection by this herb. Herba sarcandrae is a very powerful formula to cure HPV and herpes virus infections. One other great benefit of this herb is that it has no adverse side effects whatsoever.

There are other genital herpes sufferers whose condition was brought about by an accumulation of too much toxins in the body. These patients may expect a complete cure of their condition after 6 – 8 months of treatment using Chinese medicine modalities. This means that even if patients may be cured of the pain and rash, they still need to continue treatment until their overall condition has improved.

Helpful Recommendations for Genital Herpes Patients

1. Do not eat foods that are too greasy, spicy and hot. Stay away from sugar, as well, and eat more green leafy vegetables.
2. Do not allow stress to overcome your life. To help manage stress, be physically active. You can also avail yourself of massage therapy, acupuncture, meditation, or yoga to help you cope better with stress. It is important to get adequate and relaxing sleep. Banish stress by taking vitamin B complex every day.
3. You should always check your emotions. Do not respond to negative actions or keep away from things that provoke a negative response from you. Herpes outbreaks are oftentimes triggered by emotional upset and unexpressed anger.

If you have genital herpes, you need not take Valtrex or Zovirax to treat it. These medicines will not give you the results you need and will only prolong your suffering. Go straight to a qualified Chinese medicine practitioner who will not only cure your symptoms but the underlying cause of the problem as well.

Getting a treatment that is natural, very efficient and does not have any side effects is your choice to make. Chinese medicine is perfect way to resolve your genital herpes problems and help you live a happy and healthy life.