Treatment of Sciatica with Acupuncture Davis

With the rise of patients suffering from sciatica, alternative forms of treatment have been sought and offered to patients as a safe and natural way to health.  One such treatment is acupuncture Davis, a safe, natural and effective way of relieving nerve pain.

Being an all natural treatment, acupuncture does not use any Western pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.  Treatment is done with needles inserted at designated spots in the body called acupuncture points or simply called acupoints.  Acupoints are located just above energy vessels called meridians and the meridians are responsible for transporting life energy, which the Chinese call chi, throughout the body.  Normal unimpeded flow of chi means good health while chi stagnation due to meridian blockage will lead to energy imbalance causing illnesses to occur.

Sciatica pain is frequently felt in the lower back.  The pain originates from the back and radiates to the top of the buttocks down to the legs.   Pain is usually attributed to muscle spasms around the sciatic nerve and is usually the result of aging or lack of workouts or exercise.  Besides pain, a sensation of tingling or numbness can be felt.  Sciatic pain’s underlying cause is often due to a misaligned vertebral disc that bears pressure on the sciatic nerve causing the latter to irritate and swell.  With acupuncture treatment, sciatic pain and muscle spasms can be effectively treated.

Besides the obvious benefit of treating sciatic pain, acupuncture for sciatica can have extra benefits for the body.  This treatment can improve blood flow to the spinal cord and the lumbar area.  This leads to improve function of the back and spinal cord and enhances and adds energy to a person spurring him/her into being active.  People tend to react in different ways to acupuncture.  Some find immediate positive effect while others may take several weeks or months for the effect to be felt.

Some background regarding sciatica can aid in understanding how acupuncture helps treat this disorder.  Sciatic pain may come from sciatic nerve swelling and irritation due to a spinal misalignment and pain may also be the result of muscle spasms surrounding the sciatic nerve.  Another factor is the debilitating problem of degenerative joint disease which tends to affect the sciatic nerve if the degenerative joint disease is located around or on the spine near the nerve.

If sciatic pain is caused by degenerative joint disease, acupuncture treatment can only function as a way to manage the symptoms, not treat the condition itself.  This problem is best solved with chiropractic treatment.  What acupuncture does is to remove the pain and distress caused by the swelling nerve and the muscle spasms.

All in all, acupuncture is one of the safest cures for sciatic pain.  Since it does not entail any use of medication, there are no side effects whatsoever to be experienced