Treating IBS with Acupuncture Miami

Those suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS more often than not have exhausted all possible means to treat this disorder.  One thing they can try if they haven’t is acupuncture Miami and other modalities associated with traditional Chinese medicine or TCM.  Studies have shown that TCM and acupuncture have been effective in treating IBS without resorting to the use of medications.  These studies have documented that Chinese medicine effectively treats IBS safely and without the use of drugs.

IBS is sometimes referred as Mucus Colitis or Spastic Colon. It’s classified a syndrome since it exhibits a collection of symptoms that is distinct from person to person.  IBS is the result of the irregular function of the large and small intestines and its symptoms manifest as diarrhea and/or constipation and stomach pain and cramping.  It is often accompanied by problems in the gastrointestinal system like nausea, bloating and gas. IBS symptoms can be exacerbated by too much stress and can also be aggravated by eating which is usually resolved by bowel movement.  Around 20% of US citizens have IBS and there are more women suffering from this disorder than men.

No one knows what causes IBS.  Researchers have theorized that the connection of the brain and the gut may explain why stress and emotional tensions can cause flare-ups.

TCM sees IBS as an imbalance in energy in the spleen and liver.  The organ system that enables the normal flow of substances all over the body is the Liver.  This flow can be blocked by stress or emotions causing blood and energy (the Chinese calls it chi) to slow down their flow or stagnate. TCM sees the spleen as responsible for the digestion and processing of food into blood and chi.  The spleen system can be compromised by causes like lack of exercise, fatigue, excessive worrying, overwork and poor diet. a weak spleen means a poorly functioning or overactive liver.  The latter can result in Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

A spleen/liver disharmony is the same as a bout of diarrhea or a loss of appetite (short-term) when a person experiences emotional stress.  With IBS these manifestations occurs in slowly which means that the stress or emotional tension lasts for a long period of time with the IBS symptoms also last for a long period of time.

Acupuncturists may utilize dietary and lifestyle modifications as well as Chinese herbs and acupuncture to treat IBS.  Lifestyle changes may include:

  1. Ample exercise to take away stress and to help improve bowel movement.
  2. Performing breathing techniques, yoga, visualization, meditation and having some quiet time to remove stress.
  3. Changes in diet with the aim of excluding foods that bring out the symptoms and including foods with fiber.