The Virtues And Benefits Of Eating A Typical Chinese Diet

It is a well-known fact that the scourge of obesity has used to be mainly a problem for the Western world. However, with the age of globalization and with the proliferation of fast foods restaurants like McDonalds and drinks like Coca-Cola in Asian countries and other parts of the world, obesity has now become a global problem.

Therefore, it may seem a good idea to present the virtues of the Chinese diet which not only offers healthy eating, but also can be an enjoyable and delicious way to live a healthy life. The typical Chinese diet has at least three incredible benefits:

1. Because of the way it’s prepared, its style of eating, and the ingredients used, the typical Chinese diet and way of eating is healthier than the standard American diet.

2. With the typical Chinese diet, it is simply impossible to increase your weight, even with little or without exercise.

3. The amazing variety of meals that can be served in a typical Chinese diet is unmatched to all Western style dishes.

Chinese food has an ancient tradition that dates back for thousands of years and it has kept a fifth of the human race healthy and slim for ages.

The following are some of the main rules of Chinese nutritional therapy:

1. Eat lots of cooked rice. For over three thousand years, billions of slim people have been eating which is proof that eating this food staple will not lead to obesity.

2. The liquid rice dish known as congee can be an ideal breakfast dish. It can prevent dehydration and has detoxifying and cleansing qualities. It is a delectable, sweet, and warm dish that you can enjoy time and time again.

3. In Chinese nutritional therapy, food is based on it nourishing qualities than the amount of calories it contains. The Chinese consider food as something to nourish the body. They eat until they become satiated in their own sweet time.

4. Chinese nutritional therapy encourages you to eat until you are full. But full does not mean to stuff yourself; it means to be comfortably full. This is the reason that in Chinese nutritional therapy, food is eaten slowly; it allows your brain time to process the food and your body and tells your body when you are really full.

5. In a typical Chinese diet, food is served in small quantities but in large numbers. The opposite is done in the standard Western style of eating. Eating a little several times guarantees that the person gets to feel satiated earlier.

6. In a typical Chinese diet, veggies are the main dishes, not meat. Some veggies pack protein and have highly beneficial anti-oxidants; meat doesn’t have this quality.

7. In a typical Chinese diet you eat food that is freshly picked, not preserved or processed. According to Chinese nutritional therapy, any living being requires “real” food and not a replacement to it.

8. A typical Chinese diet integrates all the five flavors (bitter, pungent, salty, sour, and sweet) to make it a balanced exciting meal. Each flavor also affects a certain organ and this can lead to positive outcomes like, for example, a less desire for sweets. This type of diet virtually eliminates all food cravings, even the desire to eat chocolate.

9. Chinese nutritional therapy considers meals occasions that should be enjoyed with friends and family, not merely due to the need to eat. For the Chinese, instant meals do not exist.

10. A typical Chinese diet is in tune with the temperature of the body. The Chinese prefer room temperature foods and would not serve soups that are steaming hot and drinks that are served with iced. They eat their foods cooked not raw, therefore warm – which is in harmony with the temperature of the body.

11. The Chinese eat their food to prevent them from falling into disease and to keep them fit. Food should always promote immunity and health. Health enhancers are specifically seen in garlic, chillies, and ginger. Besides being delicious, they also strengthen the health of the body.

12. A typical Chinese diet, always include the drinking of Green tea, which is a much healthier choice than black tea or coffee. Green tea is ich in antioxidants and some believe that drinking five or more cups of it a day can help keep cancer away.

After you’ve experienced the benefits of a healthier nutrition and eating habits, you would see a dramatic improvement in your health, especially with regards to your weight. Much to their credit, many supermarkets are selling an assortment of Chinese food on the shelf. And if there is a Chinese store near your location, that’s even better.

Finally, it would be a good idea if you look at a Chinese diet recipes that will not only help you understand what Chinese foods and Chinese nutritional therapy is all about, it will also help you concoct a variety of healthy Chinese meals for your family and friends.

Danielle DeVivo, L.Ac.
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