The Use Of Ear Seeds And Auricular Acupuncture During IVF Therapy

In many parts of the world, people have heard of the word TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) or acupuncture. For the uninitiated, acupuncture is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine used to guaranty the smooth movement of energy in the body to restore the body back to its natural state of balance. An innately Chinese alternative form of treatment, acupuncture uses hair thin needles as a way to balance the natural energy of the body. A practitioner can locate unbalanced energy through the ears, hands, legs, arms, and feet, and help initiate the process towards balancing energy. Traditional Chinese Medicine integrates the use of therapeutic exercise, medical herbs, massage, food therapy, and acupuncture. Another treatment process that Chinese Medicine uses is through the use of ear seeds.

One easily accessible part of the body to use in acupuncture therapy is the ear. Edina acupuncture treatment of the ear is called auricular acupuncture or auriculotherapy which can help rebalance the body and flow of energy. Auricular acupuncture uses acupuncture points on the auricle or outer ear to help treat conditions such as depression, stress, anxiety, and even weight loss traditionally through the use of needles. What is even less known among people is the use of ear seeds in auricular acupuncture. This therapy not only is used in conjunction with acupuncture but can also be used as a standalone treatment to temporarily reduce and/or alleviate ailments or pain to help with Western modes of treatments such as IUI or IVF.

What are Ear Seeds?

In auricular acupuncture therapy, small pellets known as Ear seeds that are derived from the Vaccaria plant are believed to boost the positive impacts of the therapy. This helps extend the effectiveness of the therapy for a longer period of time. The seeds are taped on the ear using a piece of adhesive tape. The seeds may be left in the ear for a few days to two weeks. Certain practitioners utilize ear seeds on patients to help relieve conditions such as anxiety and stress between treatments.

Can Ear Seeds be used during an IVF procedure?

During IVF, ear seeds can be used to help reduce anxiety levels and control stress which can play a major role in regulating ovulation, follicular growth, and ovarian functions.

Studies that back the outcomes gained by acupuncture therapy may be caused by changes in the hormonal signals from the brain to the ovary. Auricular acupuncture allows for the activation to be sent direct to the ovary.

It is believed that along with acupuncture, ear seeds ‘can improve the rate of success of Western medicine while simultaneously slowing down the clock on aging endocrine systems of women.’

New studies support the application of ear seeds at certain reproductive acupoints ‘and when activated by the patient during the entire day from around egg recovery to embryo transfer, researched proved that in the group treated with ear acupressure, ratio of clinical pregnancy, ratio of implantation, and ratio of live birth rate were all substantially higher than the fake ear control group and acupressure group.’

Moreover, ‘zero side-effects were reported in both groups during the period of study, proving that auricular acupuncture is a non-invasive and safe intervention that can enhance the results of IVF patients and lower the related anxiety levels.’

If you have a fear of needles and acupuncture does not appeal to you because of that, you can ask your practitioner if he uses ear seeds which can be a viable alternative to allow you to integrate Traditional Chinese Medicine to enhance and support the IVF procedure. Practitioners use ear seeds on some patients and those patients have reported that their side effects and levels of stress levels from the hormonal therapies such as bloating, insomnia, fatigue, headaches, anxiety, and stress are significantly reduced.